Ford revs up EV manufacturing

New production data from Ford reveals that the automaker is manufacturing more of the all-electric Mach E than its traditional, gas-powered Mustang.

In an attempt to enter the all-electric car market, Ford announced that it would electrify its legendary Mustang in November 2019.

Now, less than two years later, Ford is building more units of the Mach-E than of its gas-powered sibling, the Mustang, in a stunning turn of events.

For years, Ford —like other American car makers —has dragged its feet to transition to electrification.

However, the hiring of Jim Farley as the 11th CEO in the history of Ford Motor Company late last year definitely changed something in the air.

Farley’s initiatives have brought Ford from unknown in EVs to one of the industry’s biggest manufacturers with plenty of plans to grow its electric lineup.

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