Unvaccinated TikTok star urged people to get a COVID vaccine before she died

An unvaccinated woman who was hospitalized with COVID-19 went viral on TikTok when she pleaded with other people to get a COVID vaccine.

Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller, 31, died a little more than a week after her August 15 post.

“I don’t have a lot of energy for talking, so I want to try to make this quick,” Blankenbiller said in the video from her hospital bed. “I did not get vaccinated. I’m not anti-vax, I was just trying to do my research. I was scared and I wanted me and my family to all do it at the same time.”


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“I do think it was a mistake. I shouldn’t have waited,” she said, before urging people to get vaccinated. “I think if you’re even 70% sure that you want the vaccine, go get it. Don’t wait, go get it. Because hopefully, if you get it, then you won’t end up in the hospital like me, okay?”

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