Murphy’s victory is called by media but administration vote-counters are silent

Media outlets have begun to declare that Gov. Phil Murphy won reelection in this reliably Democratic state despite the appearance of a Republican political upset in the New Jersey governor’s race, sending a shock wave across the nation.

Among the first to make that call was Dave Wasserman, a native of New Jersey who is U.S. House editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, one of Washington DC’s best publications that analyze elections and campaigns.

Murphy’s near-miss and a Democrats about their grip on power in Washington.

That Murphy was nearly defeated by a little-known Republican, leads many observers to the conclusion that Democrats are in grave danger of losing control of Congress next year.

But in Virginia, Glenn Youngkin became the first Republican to win statewide office in more than a decade by tapping into a manufactured crisis over culture wars and race in schools that drove former President Donald Trump’s fervent supporters and suburban voters into a mindless frenzy.

Murphy failed to generate a moderate turnout while his Republican challenger delivered red meat that garnered enthusiasm while Democrats in Washington floundered like idiots unable to win congressional approval of plans that they all campaigned on.

It is unreasonable to expect Republicans to keep paying a price over former President Donald Trump’s obnoxious behavior when most Democrats are content to allow his attempted coup d’état to go largely unpunished.

Despite ample evidence of serious FEC violations, millions of dollars in tax evasion, offenses that resulted in two impeachments, and his actions inciting the January 6 insurrection, no criminal charges have been filed against Trump.

The strong Republican surge across the Garden State and the narrow margin by which Murphy won stunned Democrats left them alarmed and wondering what went wrong t the same time New Jersey’s congressional delegation was fighting to restore a massive tax cut for the rich,

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