Gosar’s siblings celebrate his censure, allege Arizona Republican is a traitor

Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar’s sister, Jennifer Gosar, celebrated her brother’s censure by the House of Representatives for sharing a video depicting him killing Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Joe Biden with a pair of swords.

Gosar, one of the representatives who rallied Donald Trump’s supporters to use violence to overturn the election and has been at the forefront among those who instigated the deadly Capitol riot, has been repeatedly condemned by his family for disgraceful views that are plainly unAmerican.

Along with Marjorie Greene and Lauren Boebert, Gosar is among the most bizarre Republicans in Congress, expressing receptiveness to the QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims that former President Donald Trump is waging a secret campaign against an international child-trafficking ring run by leading Democrats and movie stars.

A few months ago, Gosar’s siblings told journalists that they want their brother kicked out of Congress and his family members complained that Democrats have been moving too slow to discipline the arrogant Republican.

“I consider him a traitor to this country. I consider him a traitor to his family,” Dave Gosar said. “He doesn’t see it. He’s disgraced and dishonored himself.”

Dave Gosar, one of the more outspoken members of the family, said his falling out with his brother began soon after his brother ran for office in 2010 and “revealed to me that he was a birther,” promoting the false idea that then-President Barack Obama was not born in the U.S.

Jennifer Gosar, the youngest of the congressman’s nine siblings, said she is confident her brother played a significant role in the effort that culminated in the Capitol riot.

“I was concerned before,” Jennifer Gosar, a Seattle-based Spanish translator, said of the attempted coup d’etat on January 6. “I was horrified during, and I’m shocked that he’s not censured now, that there hasn’t been a process for expulsion. I mean, I think all the elements are clear. And maybe there’s something I’m missing, but they’re not acting on it to really allay any fears of the public.”

“I’m concerned there are leaders in the Democratic Party, there are leaders across ideologies who do not speak up,” she said. “I just can’t fathom it.”

Rep. Paul Gosar’s violent fantasy included the murder of another member of Congress and a sword attack on President Joe Biden.

“Lies about the election became a direct threat to our democracy and led to a violent attack on the Capitol in which people died,” said EJ Montini, a news columnist at The Arizona Republic/azcentral.com since 1986.

“I have never instigated violence,” said Gosar, in response to a complaint filed with the House Ethics Committee, adding, “I have never aided or abetted violence. I have not urged or supported violence.”

Republicans are giving Rep. Paul Gosar a pass for his anime assassination video, including many who condemned Kathy Griffin, who suffered professional consequences after she posted a video of herself holding “a mask styled to look like the severed, bloody head” of Trump.

Rep. Paul Gosar suggested that the violent white supremacist rally featuring neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville, was planned by “an Obama sympathizer” and he literally said that liberal Jewish billionaire George Soros turned Jews over to the Nazis.

National Political Reporter Ronald J. Hansen quoted Gosar in an October 2017 story in the Arizona Republic saying: “George Soros is one of those people that actually helps back these individuals. Who is he? I think he’s from Hungary. I think he was Jewish. And I think he turned in his own people to the Nazis.”

The four-term Arizona Republican shared the kinds of conspiracy theories touted in far-right outlets with dubious records for accuracy.

“Let’s look at the person that actually started the rally,” Gosar says in the interview. “It’s come to our attention that this is a person from Occupy Wall Street that was an Obama sympathizer. So, wait a minute, be careful where you start taking these people to.”


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