Public approval of the U.S. Supreme Court is down to a new historic low!

The Supreme Court’s job approval has sunk to an all-time low, according to recent polling taken after the court declined to block a deeply divisive Texas law banning most abortions.

Americans’ opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court had already worsened, with 40% saying they approve of the job the high court is doing, down from 49% in July, in polls conducted by Gallup.

More Americans gave the Supreme Court a negative job approval rating, as 37 percent approve of the way it is handling its job and 49 percent disapprove, with 14 percent not offering an opinion in a survey released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University.

Only 37 percent of registered voters said they approve of the court’s handling of its job, with 50 percent expressing disapproval in the survey from Quinnipiac University, which has tracked the Supreme Court’s job approval since 2004. 

Gallup’s trend represents, by two percentage points, a new low dating back to 2000.

The poll was conducted shortly after the Supreme Court declined to block a controversial Texas abortion law.

In August, the court similarly allowed college vaccine mandates to proceed and rejected a Biden administration attempt to extend a federal moratorium on evictions during the pandemic.

In the wake of a Texas abortion law that is the most restrictive in the country, Quinnipiac found more than 60 percent of Americans said abortion should be legal in all cases (31 percent) or most cases (31 percent), while 32 percent say abortion should be illegal in most cases (21 percent) or all cases (11 percent).

A Sept. 9-13 Monmouth University poll also found 54% of U.S. adults disagreed and 39% agreed with the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Texas abortion law to go into effect.

The Supreme Court has the power to interpret the Constitution. Its rulings on cases determine the meaning of laws and acts of Congress and the president.

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