Covid cured conspiracy theorist Russell Dickert of his vaccine misconceptions

Russell Dickert was a self-admitted anti-vaxxer who, after almost dying from a coronavirus infection, has done a complete turn-around and has become an outspoken vaccine advocate.

Dickert shared a message that everyone who is hesitant to get vaccinated should heed.

“I spent 27 days in ICU (almost lost the battle),” wrote Dickert on Facebook. “I by the way was anti vaccine, every person in the ICU was not vaccinated! What does that tell you? If you know anyone who feels sick do not wait !!!!”

“Recovering from this is a horrible and painful process,” said Dickert. “I am learning how to walk again, wash and dress myself, I’m in a wheelchair and starting to use a walker. I’m hoping if I can get my lungs working again I will be able to get back to normal. This took me down in three days, the doctors told me I had very little chance of survival!”

“I had a mask forcing air down my lungs for two weeks, no food, no water for two weeks, skin was falling of my tongue, lips, roof of my mouth, gums. It was torture,” said Dickert. “Just think! I took my wife to CVS for a free vaccine, I stayed in the car because social media advised against it. What a mistake that was!”

“Go get your vaccine,” said Dickert. “by the way on day 16 in the ICU my first cousin passed away from Covid. I always thought this can’t happen to me! I was so wrong. “

About one month before he was hospitalized, Dickert said, “Why isn’t it in the news about the massive protests in the streets of France because they have made a law, mandatory vaccine or you get fined, lose your job, can’t shop in stores. Kind of like what SS commander Murphy of NJ is doing. Basically has taken away everything our country stands for FREEDOM and has made a decision for all medical people. They must be vaccinated or lose their right to earn a living.”

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