Donald Trump smuggled presidential records out of the White House

The National Archives recently retrieved documents from Mar-a-Lago that former President Donald Trump illegally took out of the White House, including some documents that were marked top secret.

Officials also revealed that Trump disposed of documents by flushing them down a toilet in the White House, which then had to be unclogged by staffers, and some of the records recovered in Mar-a-Lago had actually been ripped up by Trump.

“Trump’s actions are a blatant violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, which establishes that all documents written by, read by, interacted with, or heard by the president must be submitted to the National Archive,” said Erin Tulley, the campaign director at Daily Kos. “It has the potential to severely compromise American security with the presence of top secret information.”

“We know Trump has plenty to hide, but now we have proof of an illegal cover-up,” said Tulley, who is demanding an investigation by the Department of Justice.

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