Will Senator Menendez support African American women in Rahway?

Joined by local elected leaders and activists, Sen. Robert Menendez made a big show in support of Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first African American woman nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, but there is a question about whether the lawmaker will support Rahway’s challenger Casey Probus against the nearly-Republican Mayor Ray Giacobbe.

Probus is running for mayor on the One United Rahway team in the June 7, 2022 Democratic primary.

Will Sen. Robert Menendez support Casey Probus’ challenge to Mayor Ray Giacobbe, or does he only support African American women sometimes?

Probus was born and raised in Rahway, where she lives with her daughter who attends a Rahway elementary school. Probus attended Rahway public schools where she was a part of the 2003 state Championship Girls Basketball team.

She currently works as a union mechanic and a leader of an Employee Resource Group.

The One United Rahway team has made the focus of their campaign proper financial management, financial and environmental sustainability, and uniting the community as one.

“My team and I will display the city finances transparently and detail a financial plan for the present and future,” said Probus. “Rahway needs to be more accessible, affordable, and viable for current residents and potential residents who want to call Rahway home, for entrepreneurs who want to initiate businesses here and for visitors of our great city.”

A healthy democracy allows the space for different perspectives. The more diverse life experiences and ideas that are sitting at the table, provide for healthier, smarter, and better solutions to problems.

“As a single mother, union member, homeowner, and volunteer, I have seen first hand the strength of our community and the lack of focus on the long-term residents of Rahway,” said Probus. “That is why I have decided to seek the Democratic nomination for Mayor of Rahway, to create a united Rahway that puts residents first.”

Probus’ council slate includes Amy Garcia Phillips, a longtime member and secretary of the Board of Trustees at Rahway Arts District; Small business owner Lisa Yvonne Ferraro, who has a reputation as both a teller of stories and an interpreter of song; and Roger Moore, a PSE&G employee

“I appreciate the outpouring of support that I have already received upon the declaration of my candidacy,” said Probus. “I look forward to introducing the rest of our team and we have already started to spread our message of prudent financial stewardship, sustainability, and unity.”

One United Rahway candidates will be seeking election in the June 7, 2022, Democratic Primary Election in a contest against the regular political organization contenders, who are Raymond A. Giacobbe, Jr. (Mayor); Joanna Miles (At-Large Council); Jeremy E. Mojica (At-Large Council); and Jeffrey Brooks (At-Large Council).

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