Conservatives back Republican Mike Crispi over Congressman Chris Smith

Conservative luminaries and groups are endorsing Republican congressional candidate Mike Crispi for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th congressional district.

Crispi’s campaign is being run by Republican strategist Roger Stone,a longtime political stuntman, Donald Trump confidant, and adviser to extreme right-wing figures. The pardoned felon and notorious GOP dirty-trickster appeared with the candidate at the Monmouth County Republican Convention.

, and he has appeared in a YouTube video alongside North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn at CPAC 2021 in Dallas, Texas.

Republicans for National Renewal Executive Director Mark Ivanyo announced that the ultra-conservative organization is endorsing Crispi over the 42-year incumbent, GOP Congressman Chris Smith.

“Mike Crispi is a courageous patriot who will represent his constituents over special interests and the establishment,” said Ivanyo. “The America First movement needs strong, vocal leaders like him. Therefore, I am proud to announce Republicans for National Renewal’s full endorsement of Mike Crispi for New Jersey’s CD-4.”

Crispi has also been endorsed by the American Populist Union, (APU), a group using the Nazi-like slogan, “Faithfatherland and family” that said it “looks forward to watching him end Smith’s lackluster 40-year career and be a warrior for America First values in Congress.”

“Mike Crispi has been a proud supporter of America First values during his talk show career, and we believe he will carry those values into the halls of Congress… Mike’s fiery, flamethrowing personality is not just fitting for RSBN or the culture of New Jersey – it is exactly the style of courage needed to stand up to neoconservative careerists in Congress,” said a statement from APU.

In announcing their endorsement of Crispi, the APU contrasted his strong conservative values with the left-wing voting record of 42-year incumbent, Chris Smith.

“Smith is just one of 13 Republicans who voted for Joe Biden’s disastrous infrastructure bill. He voted to certify the 2020 Election, repeatedly opposed President Trump’s legislative priorities, and is ranked by the Lugar Center as one of the most Democrat-friendly Republicans in Congress.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus —a group linked to Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) a 2012 Republican presidential candidate—has also endorsed Crispi for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th district.

Campaigning under the banner “America First” Crispi is using the same slogan associated with the Ku Klux Klan and isolationists who opposed the US entry into World War II before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Smith had $825,346.28 cash on hand for his campaign as of March 31, while Crispi’s campaign account had only $35,845.89 at that time.

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