Trenton gunman fired at three shots two Latino men in parked vehicle

Two Latino men sitting in a car parked on Tioga Street in Trenton were the apparent victims of an ambush when a gunman walked up and fired at least three shots into the vehicle.

The shooting occurred just before 1:00 p.m. on May 19, 2022, as shots rang out in front of 250 Tioga Street.

Trenton Police, Fire Department, EMS and Captial Health Paramedics responded to the scene. They found two shooting victims, who were transported to Capital Health Regional Medical Center Trauma Unit.

Detective Lieutenant Bethesda Stokes of the Trenton Police Department said two Hispanic men were shot. Trentonian columnist LA Parker says a “reputable source” told him the victims are brothers.

Stokes said the shooter approached the vehicle and fired one shot into the window at the first victim, who was sitting in the driver’s seat and was struck at least once in the chest.

Stokes said the second victim was found lying in the street suffering gunshot wounds in the thigh and calf.

Brian McCarthy broadcast a video showing police activity at the scene, where three bullet holes were evident in the driver’s side door window.

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