Lunatic fringe alive in New Jersey

John P. Flora, the mayor of Fredon Township in Sussex County and a candidate in the Republican 7th Congressional District primary, has assailed the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney for having the temerity of denouncing “white nationalism, white supremacy and antisemitism” in the GOP.

Flora displayed a photo of liberal GOP front runner Thomas H. Kean Jr. with Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney with the caption – “Two RINOs – Perfect Together.”

“If Tom Kean fails to reject Cheney and disassociate his campaign from her, then he must be rejected by Republicans on June 7,” said Flora. “Surely his embrace of the dangerous RINO Cheney will prove his downfall if he wins the Republican primary election.”

Flora is hopping mad that Cheney rejected the silly assertion that disgraced former President Donald Trump was the rightful winning of the 2020 election, despite trailing President Joe Biden by more than eight million ballots in the popular vote, his ‘landslide’ victory in the Electoral College, the rejection of more than 60 court cases filed by Republicans and the failed coup d’etat on January 6, 2021.

Cheney, as vice chair of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol,

“Every member of this committee is dedicated to conducting a non-partisan, professional, and thorough investigation of all the relevant facts regarding January 6th and the threat to our Constitution we faced that day,” said Cheney in a statement issued on September 2, 2021, after she accepted the position of Vice-Chair of the House of Representatives investigative panel.

The Jan. 6 committee is tasked with investigating the facts related to the attack on the Capitol in which Trump-loving terrorists rioted and assaulted more than 160 police officers in an attempt to disrupt the certification of Biden’s electoral victory.

The investigation began with public hearings on July 27, when four police officers testified. By May 2022, the committee had interviewed more than 1,000 people.

Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Peter Navarro, and Dan Scavino have been held in criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to testify.

The committee has essentially ascertained that Trump knew he did not win the election and was perpetrating a fraud, as his actions put responsibility for the failed coup d’etat squarely on the former president and his closest political associates.

Additional evidence obtained by the panel shows a far broader effort to usurp the election as Trump and his inner circle took actions in violation of the Constitution, including some of the most revealing information from former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

“The committee has received a number of extremely interesting, non-privileged documents from Mr. Meadows,” said Cheney. “They include documents that are directly related to what President Trump should have been doing on January 6 during the attack, and now he is refusing to appear to answer questions about those non-privileged documents.”

Cheney said Meadows provided thousands of emails and text messages, which revealed that a day after the election, former Texas governor and former Secretary of Energy Rick Perry sent Meadows a proposed strategy for Republican-controlled state legislatures to choose electors and send them directly to the Supreme Court before their states had determined voting results; Fox News host Sean Hannity exchanged messages suggesting he was aware in advance of Trump’s plans for January 6; Representative Jim Jordan urged Vice President Mike Pence to join the unconstitutional attempt to cheat voters.

Flora knows that Trump is a loser but as long as polls show a clear majority of Republican voters believe that Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election fair and square, there are going to be politicians exploiting such gullibility.

But to attack a Republican for denouncing “white nationalism, white supremacy and antisemitism” in the GOP far exceeds any rational understanding of American values.

All Americans say they want to promote the integrity of the electoral process, but the GOP has embraced a dystopian view that defies logic since everyone knows that early projections broadcast by news media on election night often conflict with the actual results that are certified after all the ballots have been counted.

The integrity of the electoral process comes from respecting reality, as determined by the methodical and complete count instead of by whether or not Republicans win or lose.

In a close election, the responsible thing to do is wait until all the ballots are counted but among the GOP’s constitutional contortionists, strict adherence to America’s most fundamental principles only matters when things are going their way.

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