It’s National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day is July 17 this year, and there are plenty of new area ice cream shops to try out as you celebrate. Share your favorite locations in the comment section below!

Nothing is better than a creamy, cool, and delicious cup or cone of ice cream on a warm summer afternoon or evening. Furthermore, it is the perfect family outing that all ages can enjoy equally, which is a huge bonus.

Ice Cream is without a doubt the perfect dessert ever devised by man. It’s rich and creamy, full of the flavors of summer while being made from the cold like the winter, and is perfect at any time of the year.

Ice Cream can be used to make sandwiches or entire cakes, or just eaten as a scoop all on its own. National Ice Cream Day celebrates this delicious treat and all the varieties it comes in!

Thanks to advances made in refrigeration technology, we can enjoy delicious ice cream any time of year, but it is always best in the hot days of summer.

Ice cream has become one of the most popular dishes enjoyed by people all over the world. Therefore, it is only right that we have a date to celebrate this sweet treat, and to be able to eat as much as we want of it without feeling guilty.

No matter whether you eat ice cream every week or it is a rare treat for you, we definitely recommend that you indulge on National Ice Cream Day!

Ice Cream has been around for a very long time, since the first time milk and ice saw each other and fell in love, so long has Ice Cream been around.

Throughout the years it has come in every conceivable flavor, from gentle and universally loved vanilla, to the unusual flavors available only in exotic ice cream emporiums.

That’s how amazingly versatile ice cream is, you can literally flavor it like anything!

Due to the difficulty of obtaining snow in the hot summer months, ice cream used to be very difficult to obtain and reserved only for those of wealth and note. Thankfully the advances made in refrigeration technology enable us to have ice cream any time of year!

Want to beat the summer heat? Stop by your nearest ice cream shop and celebrate National Ice Cream Day.

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