Trump was out of control as riot raged

An enraged president taunted his vice president and sent a frenzied mob to the Capitol to prevent the transfer of power. 

Raunchy shouting in the Oval Office. Severe threats against local election officials and polling station officials. And all because a sitting president refuses to believe he lost the election.

That is the picture that has emerged so far from the witness hearings of the congressional panel investigating the events of January 6, 2021. 

Some new facts came to light in the last session for the summer, which added to what is already known about what happened when a mob of Trump-loving terrorists ransacked the Capitol building in a failed attempted coup d’etat.

No ballot box fraud

Already on election night in November 2020, Trump announced that he would not resign himself to the election results, which showed that he decisively lost to Democrat Joe Biden. 

In the weeks that followed, Trump also insisted that there had been electoral fraud, especially because of the large number of votes by mail due to the pandemic. 

Statements from his close associates show that—after dozens of recounts and lawsuits—they made it clear to him that there was no legitimate allegation of ballot box fraud.

Not the least try to convince him; Vice President Mike Pence, the Secretary of State for Justice and his campaign manager. 

Trump knew he had lost. Even Trump’s daughter Ivanka says Attorney General Bill Barr convinced her Biden had won.

Harassment Campaign

The congressional hearings show that Trump was exerting considerable pressure on local officials after the election to ensure that they tilted the outcome in his favor. 

Republican election officials from the states of Arizona and Georgia say they were heavily pressured by telephone by Trump or his attorney Rudy Guliani to “find votes” or to convince them to falsely assert that hundreds of thousands of immigrants and thousands of dead people would voted illegally, despite a complete lack of evidence for such charges.

In the absence of evidence, local officials continued ratifying the election results in Biden’s favor. 

Under heavy pressure, because—as a large number of officials explain—Trump called on his supporters not to let it go. 

This leads to a flood of emails, voicemails and messages, including death threats and other malediction, often delivered to their homes, some polling officers were forced to flee their residences after Trump and his allies spread lies that they were tampering with ballots.

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