Hopewell Starbucks workers go on strike

Baristas at the Hopewell Starbucks location #7853 sent management notice (by way of this letter) that they would be on strike in response to the company’s illegal Unfair Labor Practices from August 6, 2022 at 4:28am, until 4:30am August 8th, 2022.

From 6am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday, baristas and community supporters picketed in front of the store at 800 A Denow Rd., which was not able to open for either day. 

Starbucks employees say the company has continued to cut partners’ hours, coerce them into voting against union representation by mischaracterizing the law and preemptively refusing to engage in good faith bargaining.

Starbucks has failed to recognize the union, and refused to bargain with workers in good faith, even three months after winning a unionization election.

The Hopewell location has set the precedent for unionization amongst New Jersey Starbucks locations, yet the employees are not being met at the bargaining table. 

This strike follows Hopewell’s election victory to become certified as a union with the National Labor Relations Board on May 5th.

The workers at this popular Starbucks location voted 15-0 in favor of a union on April 25th, becoming the 30th store nationwide to have successfully won their election.

There are now over 200 Starbucks stores who have won their union election.

This company needs to recognize that we won our union and we will take action to ensure our voices are heard. The lack of sufficient scheduling and proper training in an effort to dampen our solidarity and positive workplace culture has not gone unnoticed by our partners. The partners at the Hopewell Starbucks stand in solidarity with other stores who are striking in response to Starbucks’ Unfair Labor Practices nationwide. 

Union members came to show solidarity including members of Rutgers AAUP-AFT; CWA Local 1032; Mercer County Education Association; Hamilton Starbucks Workers United; and Transport Workers Union Local 100. Baristas are asking those looking to support them to sign their No Contract, No Coffee Pledge (found at www.tinyurl.com/SBWUPledge) to be the first to find out how to take action in support of their local unionized Starbucks baristas.

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