Trenton trapped in rain of gunfire

Gunfire raged throughout Trenton recently, leaving police searching for clues but finding few injuries in the city that has been plagued by record levels of homicide in recent years.

Police responded to a ShotSpotter activation that reported 13 rounds were fired in the area of 526 New York Avenue where bullet holes were found in at least three vehicles, including a Mercedes, Cadillac and Ford F-150 truck.

A gunshot victim was listed in stable condition after he was struck by at least two of several shots fired in Georgia Fried Chicken Restaurant on East State St. and South Olden Ave.

According to a police spokesperson, one bullet grazed the victim’s head while another injured his finger.

The shooting occurred at the fast food restaurant located at 1167 E State Street.

The gunman got away amid the chaos.

Police located eighty-four 9 mm shell casings, seventeen 233 rifle shell casings, and several projectiles at the intersection of Eastburn Avenue and North Clinton Avenue.

Investigators determined that ten vehicles were struck by gunfire in the incident and two suspect vehicles were recovered by the Trenton Police Department.

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