Mayor Donald Shaw lavishing tens of thousands on Roselle entertainment

Donald Shaw is a high school dropout who spent nine months on Rikers Island, the New York City prison, in connection with an attempt to sell heroin.

Mayor Donald Shaw spent tens of thousands of dollars on entertainment in Roselle, frittering away more than an average resident’s annual salary at parties and events that help boost his name recognition without contributing to the quality of life here.

While most crimes reported to local police remain unsolved and litter is piling up along some streets in the borough, Shaw has wasted close to $60,000 on ‘bread and circuses’ that distract voters from the incompetence and corruption of local officials.

At one bash, Shaw authorized a $21,400 payment to Ronald Johnson and at two others, he allowed Taj Lounge of Morganville to collect $10,000 and $6,200 in taxpayer money, respectively.

Among the other recipients of taxpayer funds authorized by Shaw were Costa’s Restaurant, Seabra Foods, and others.

Residents complained that these expenses were frivolous while others questioned why Roselle businesses appear to have been excluded more often than not.

A Linden company received a series of payments totaling $8,605.25. Hollywood II Unisex Salon was issued two checks for $1854.50 and $651.25 on Sept 2, 2022, as well as three July 18 checks in the amounts of $657.00, $1747.50, and $3695.00.

The expenditures included a $2150 to Shaw’s employer, the Union County Department of Parks and recreation, where the mayor collects an $80,000 tax-funded salary on top of the $25,000 he is paid by borough taxpayers.

While complaints surfaced over the wasteful spending, taxpayers had few allies on the borough council, where the majority—guided by Finance Chairman Brandon Bernier—approved Shaw’s wasteful spending over the objections of Council members Cynthia Johnson and Richard Villeda.

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