Republicans will abandon European democracy Ukraine to Russian invaders

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has declared that Republicans will abandon Ukraine to the European democracy’s Russian invaders if the GOP regains control of Congress in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the U.S. government has provided $1.5 billion in humanitarian assistance to millions of people in Ukraine and neighboring countries, according to the United States Agency for International Development.

The U.S. has also committed more than $18.2 billion in weapons and other equipment to Ukraine since the war began.

Ukrainian authorities say Russian strikes on energy infrastructure have knocked out 40% of the country’s energy system, cutting off power for tens of thousands of people. Although crews make repairs as quickly as possible, it’s not certain they will be able to keep up with the damage.

At a rally in Sioux City, Iowa, with 2020 election loser Donald Trump, Greene promised that “not another penny will go to Ukraine” if Republicans retake control of Congress.

“Under Republicans, not another penny will go to Ukraine. Our country comes first,” said Greene, arguing that Democrats “don’t care about our border or our people.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy similarly suggested last month that if they retake the House, Republicans would cut off spending to help Ukraine survive the invasion launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin in February.

“Ukraine is important, but at the same time it can’t be the only thing, and it can’t be a blank check,” said McCarthy, who stopped short of saying military aid would be shut off entirely although he seems to have less influence among GOP stalwarts than Greene these days.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans have championed bipartisan Senate support for aid to Ukraine.

Democrat Chris Coons of Delaware and Republican Rob Portman of Ohio emphasized their commitment to the people of Ukraine and promised continued humanitarian support for the war-torn country as winter nears while visiting a distribution center in Kyiv and speaking to families bracing for a dark, cold season with inadequate heating and electricity.

The Pentagon announced that the U.S. is sending Ukraine $400 million more in military aid and establishing a security assistance headquarters in Germany that will oversee all weapons transfers and military training for troops defending against the Russians.

The $400 million includes contracts for 1,100 Phoenix Ghost drones, funding to refurbish 45 tanks and an additional 40 riverine boats, among other systems.

The United States previously announced a new $275 million military assistance package for Ukraine that includes ammunition for HIMARS launchers, 500 precision-guided 155mm artillery rounds, 2,000 155mm rounds of Remote Anti-Armor Mine systems, 1,300 anti-armor systems, and 125 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles.

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