We salute America’s veterans

As our country marks this Veterans Day, we salute the millions of American citizens who have served our country in uniform.

Regardless of your rank or role, our country is forever indebted for your service.

We marvel every day at that same inclination toward service that compels citizens to work together to improve the lives of all Americans.

From advancing an inclusive immigration policy, to strengthening democracy, building a more productive, diverse and inclusive workforce, and beyond, this community is not one to shy away from a challenge.

This kind of multifaceted work is the essence of impact made possible only by the community that mobilizes as one.

That can-do spirit has been the secret to our many successes. While times are tough for many people and political division empowers establishment figures who have often been disappointing, the United States of America remains a land of opportunity where we are limited only by our imagination.

Let us be dedicated to the cause of liberty, prosperity and justice for all~ as President Lincoln called on us to be ~so that this nation of the people, by the people and for the people shall enjoy a new birth of freedom and never perish.

We are all responsible for contributing to that success but some have already given more than the rest of us. Today, we acknowledge that fact.

With gratitude, we salute our veterans.

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