Newark teenager arrested with loaded gun at Weequahic High School

Newark police arrested a teenage boy and charged him with possession of a weapon after he was caught on Friday carrying a loaded gun on the property at Weequahic High School.

Officers were called to the school to investigate reports of a person with a gun at around 2:10 p.m. and upon their arrival, they confronted the armed child, confiscated the loaded weapon, and placed the boy under arrest.

Newark Public Safety Director Fritz Fragé said the boy was a student, who authorities declined to identify, and he was detained by Newark Police Juvenile Services.

Authorities did not release any information about how the weapon was discovered.

Weequahic High School officials, Newark Schools Superintendent Roger León, and the Newark Teachers Union did not have any comments about the incident.

The incident remains under investigation.

“Only in America do people go grocery shopping and get mowed down by a shooter with hate in his heart; only in this country are parents not assured that their kids will be safe at school,” said American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. “Gun violence is a cancer, and it’s one that none of us should tolerate for one single moment longer. We have made a choice to let this continue, and we can make a choice to finally do something—do anything—to put a stop to this madness.”

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