Algernon Ward Jr. seeks recount after Republican declared Trenton Council winner

Algernon Ward

Algernon Ward Jr., who tied with Republican municipal chair Jennifer Williams in the December voting has now requested a recount after his opponent was declared the winner of a seat on the Trenton City Council.

Voters cured technical deficiencies in three mail-in ballots which were counted on December 29, 2022, giving Williams a one-vote victory.

If her candidacy survives the recount, Williams will be the first transgender person to win a city council seat in New Jersey.

Three at-large council seats remain up for election in a court-ordered January 24 runoff, .

Ward is a graduate of Trenton public schools and Trenton State College earning a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. He is the NJ Dept. of Health’s first Black Research
Scientist in specializing in analytical chemistry. He is a widower with two children and four

“Because of a one-vote difference in (the) result of the North Ward Runoff Election, I have filed for a recount and recheck of those results,” said Ward. “Given the many irregularities in this election, I must follow the process to the end to be sure that all votes have been fairly counted.” “

“When the entire procedure is finished, I will respect the will of the people,” said Ward.

In November, Williams outpolled Ward by 93 votes—583 to 490—in a four-candidate field.

The two unsuccessful candidates, Merkle Cherry and Divine Allah, endorsed Ward in the runoff.

Mayor Reed Gusciora, who won his second term in November despite myriad problems at polling places, supported the Republican.

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