McCarthy’s only victories were the votes on a few motions to adjourn

Republican Kevin McCarthy

Republican Kevin McCarthy’s only victories this week were a few close votes on motions to adjourn the House on Wednesday and Thursday, but the wannabe GOP leader does not have enough support as an eleventh ballot for speaker appears to have at least 20 extreme right-wing MAGA defectors casting ballots for others.

They won a 216-214 vote on Wednesday only because Paul Gosar changed his vote from nay to aye while representatives, Tony Cárdenas and Adriano Espaillat, failed to cast their votes along with the other 210 Democrats and four archconservatives.

Thursday saw a more united Republican Party, as 212 Democrats opposed the motion to adjourn that was supported by every Republican who voted.

Otherwise, it was more of the same losing McCarthy experienced Tuesday and Wednesday, as Thursday brought the tally up to eleven losses for the GOP Leader.

Rep. Kevin Hern, 61, is the latest of the rebels’ protest candidates after he was nominated by Rep. Lauren Boebert on the eleventh ballot.

Boebert, who has been among the far-right defectors who have refused to support McCarthy despite his selection in the GOP caucus,

Republicans in the House rejected former President Donald Trump, with the 2020 election loser getting only one vote for speaker.

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