Trump sued for death of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick

The family of a Capitol police officer who died after responding to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots is suing former President Donald Trump and two of the alleged rioters.

The estate of Brian Sicknick filed a civil lawsuit for damages of more than $10 million in Washington, D.C.’s federal court on Thursday, a day before the two-year anniversary of the attempted coup d’état.

The complaint alleges that Sicknick’s death was a direct and foreseeable consequence of the three defendants’ “unlawful actions.”

The two rioters were allegedly involved in a violent attack on Sicknick during the riots, the lawsuit claims.

Trump incited the rioting by lying about his defeat in the elections and stirring the mob into a frenzy shortly before his band of terrorists stormed the Capitol.

The lawsuit asserted that Trump instructed his supporters to “fight like hell” in his speech before the Capitol riot.

Sicknick died the next day of natural causes after he suffered multiple strokes.

The filing alleges conspiracy, negligence and assault played a part in this case.

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