Police say 6-year-old first-grade student shot teacher with a handgun

Richneck elementary school in Newport News, Virginia

A first-grade student shot and critically wounded a female teacher Friday afternoon in Richneck elementary school in Newport News, Virginia, according to police and school officials.

Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew said a 6-year-old boy was involved in “an altercation” with his teacher before he shot her with a handgun.

“This was not an accidental shooting,” Drew said, saying one round was fired.

At 2:45 p.m., police issued a statement saying, “Newport News police are on scene of a shooting at Richneck Elementary School. No students were injured in this incident.” “

“An adult was taken to a local hospital. The extent of the adult’s injuries is unknown at this time. There is no longer an active shooter. We’re beginning the process to reunite parents with students. More information will be released when it is available,” police said.

A subsequent release said, “In reference to the investigation below, the suspect has been identified as a 6-year-old male student at Richneck Elementary School. The student is in custody. The victim has been identified as a teacher. The teacher’s injuries are believed to be life-threatening. The investigation remains ongoing.”

Reports have identified Abby Zwerner, 25, as the teacher who was shot by a six-year-old pupil

Zwerner, from Williamsburg, VA, is in critical condition and her identity was confirmed by a parent at the school, Sebastian Gonzalez-Hernandez, who told journalists that the teacher told other kids in the class to run away before she was struck by a single bullet.

Dr. George Parker III, the school superintendent, also confirmed that the wounded teacher was Zwerner.


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