Second whale in two weeks has washed up on an Atlantic City beach

Humpback whale on Atlantic City beach

A 30-foot juvenile humpback whale that washed up in Atlantic City in front of Boardwalk Hall on Saturday was the second one in 15 days to beach itself in the casino town.

A female humpback washed up near Chelsea Avenue Dec. 23.

That one weighed about 25 tons, was 30 feet long and appeared to be a little older than a juvenile, according to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine.

It was buried at the site where it washed up.

“This morning, at approx. 8 a.m., a 30-foot humpback whale was discovered on the Georgia Avenue beach in Atlantic City. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center has taken the initial samples,” said officials from the city government. “With health and safety in mind, we urge everyone to avoid this area.”

The MMSC has responded to over 5,870 animals since opening in 1978.

In the last five years, the group averaged 180 animals annually, including marine mammals and sea turtles.

“In 2013, we saw our busiest year with 292 animals, with most being bottlenose dolphins from a mass die-off. In 2019, the center had responded to 11 large whales, which is the most we’ve had in one year,” said a representative from the animal rescue group.

In recent years since 2010, the most common species are grey seals, harbor seals, loggerhead sea turtles, and bottlenose dolphins.

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