Roselle Park Mayor is a candidate for US Senate

Roselle Park Mayor Joseph Signorello III announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for United States Senator from New Jersey.

Signorello plans on mounting a primary challenge against Senator Bob Menendez, who is again the subject of a federal criminal investigation.

Signorello was spurred to get into politics by Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

“I realized I could either stew about it or do something,” Signorello said, “So I followed my gut and my principles and moved back to my hometown to get involved.”

A self-described “political outsider accustomed to taking big swings in business and life,” Signorello ran for mayor in 2018 and won, flipping his hometown from Republican to Democrat in the process.

Re-elected in 2022, “Mayor Sig,” as he’s affectionately called by his constituents, has helped revitalize the downtown while lowering taxes for the first time in over two decades; championed green energy and infrastructure; and launched programs to support the local police with mental health professionals.

Signorello is known in political circles for not backing down from his principles, even about controversial topics, and for saying what he means without any “political filters.”

He also has expertise in venture capital, tech, and finance more broadly.

He intends to bring all of these qualities to his campaign for Senate. “As Senator, I’m going to bring a fresh perspective to a chamber desperately in need of members with technological fluency, progressive priorities, and pragmatic approaches to getting things done,” Signorello stated.

“I have a vision for a Democratic Party that’s cunning, adept, and pragmatic about how we use our power in Congress, with New Jersey leading the way,” Signorello said.

“I’m running for Senate to give New Jerseyans a senator they can trust who won’t back down,” Signorello said. “I want our state to lead from the front again, and I’m making a huge bet that you do too.”

For more information about Joe’s background and positions, to donate, or to volunteer, please visit

Lisa McCormick, an unfunded progressive Democrat, got 38 percent of the vote against Menendez in the 2018 primary after the Senator was able to avoid conviction of corruption charges.

Menendez is once again under federal investigation in a probe somehow related to New Jersey Halal meat company that got exclusive export rights to Egypt.

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