29-year-old who enrolled at New Brunswick High School has day in court

New Brunswick High School with an inset 2017 photo of Hyejeong Shin

Hyejeong Shin, the 29-year-old Rutgers University graduate who moved to the US from South Korea 13 years ago and was arrested for enrolling as a student at New Brunswick High School using a fake birth certificate, appeared in court on Monday with her attorney, Darren Gelber, and pleaded not guilty.

The court appearance was highly anticipated, with many in the community following the case closely since Shin was indicted by a grand jury for providing a false government document and hindering her own prosecution.

Shin was charged with forgery and falsifying government documents, both of which are serious crimes. The charges carry a potential prison sentence, which means that Shin could face significant consequences if convicted. Her attorney, Gelber, has maintained that Shin had no intention of causing harm and simply wanted to pursue her education.

During the court appearance, Gelber argued that Shin should be released on bail, as she has no prior criminal record and is not a flight risk. He also emphasized that Shin had cooperated fully with authorities and had taken responsibility for her actions.

The prosecution argued that Shin’s actions posed a serious risk to the safety and security of the school system and the community at large. They also expressed concern that Shin may attempt to flee the country, given that she is originally from South Korea.

New Brunswick Police have said that they believe Shin’s attempt to attend high school did not come from a desire to inflict harm to students, faculty or staff.

The defendant hopes to be accepted into a pre-trial intervention program to avoid jail time, and her attorney said Shin plans to return to South Korea once the case is over.

After hearing arguments from both sides, the judge ruled that Shin would be released on bail, provided that she surrenders her passport and agrees to comply with all court orders. The judge also ordered Shin to stay away from all schools and school-related events.

The court appearance drew a large crowd, with many members of the community expressing shock and disbelief at the incident. Some expressed sympathy for Shin, while others were more critical, arguing that her actions were selfish and irresponsible.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the importance of security protocols and background checks in schools and other institutions. Many in the community are calling for increased measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

As the case moves forward, it remains to be seen what consequences Shin will face for her actions. The court appearance has brought the issue to the forefront of public attention, and many will be closely watching to see how the case develops in the coming weeks and months.

In a shocking turn of events, the 29-year-old woman managed to enroll as a student at New Brunswick High School before the school discovered her birth certificate was fake.

The incident has left many in the community feeling bewildered and concerned about the safety of the school system.

According to reports, Shin presented a falsified birth certificate in order to enroll as a student at the high school. She was able to attend classes for several weeks before the school discovered the fraud and alerted authorities. It remains unclear how Shin was able to obtain the fake document or what her motives were for enrolling in high school at such a late stage in life.

Shin’s attorney, Darren Gelber, has released a statement expressing his client’s remorse and apologizing to the school and community for any harm or disruption caused by her actions. Gelber also emphasized that Shin had not intended to cause any harm and had simply wanted to pursue her education.

“Ms. Shin deeply regrets the confusion and disruption her actions have caused,” Gelber said. “She understands that what she did was wrong, and she is fully cooperating with authorities to resolve this matter as quickly and transparently as possible.”

The incident has raised concerns about the school system’s security protocols and screening processes for new students. The New Brunswick School District has released a statement saying that it is conducting a thorough investigation into the matter and taking steps to ensure that similar incidents do not occur in the future.

“We take the safety and security of our students very seriously, and we are deeply troubled by this incident,” the statement read. “We are working closely with law enforcement and school officials to understand how this happened and what steps we can take to prevent it from happening again.”

As the investigation continues, many in the community are left wondering how a 29-year-old woman was able to enroll as a high school student using a fake birth certificate. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of strong security protocols and thorough background checks in schools and other institutions.

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