McCormick says officials let Americans be victimized by corporate ‘vampires’

A clear, yellowish, fluid that carries the oxygen, nutrients, plus red and white cells through our circulatory system​, plasma is about 92% water but the liquid substance has become a big business in which many Americans are being exploited for blood money.​

​Lisa McCormick, a vocal critic of government officials who put the interests of corporations over the well-being of ordinary Americans, has expressed outrage at the growing market for U.S. blood plasma exports and the way it is sustained by taking advantage of poor people.

While encouraging citizens to help save lives by donating blood, McCormick​ has called out government officials who allow economically ​struggling Americans to be preyed upon for their bodily fluids while a few large corporations reap all the benefits.

According to statistics, nearly 80 percent of the plasma centers in the U.S. are located in America’s poorer neighborhoods, where workers struggle to survive on subpar minimum wages, and many others are jobless.

Lisa McCormick, seen here being interviewed by New Brunswick Today editor Charles Kratovil, says corporate ‘vampires’ are taking advantage of people who are made poor by a broken economic system that seems to always have money for war and bank bailouts but not for jobs, education or healthcare.

“Human blood plasma is the United States’ 10th most valuable export, rivaling classic American exports such as cars and computer chips,” said McCormick. “This vampire industry is even bigger than soybeans, corn, aircraft parts, and gold exports.”

U.S. exports of blood ​plasma totaled $4.16 billion in January, a change of 20.84 percent from the same month one year ago. The change from the previous month was 46.24 percent.

While plasma blood ranked No. 7 in January by value, it ranked No. 200 by tonnage. The top three U.S. markets by value for these exports in January were (1) Belgium, (2) The Netherlands, and (3) Germany.
Plasma is the liquid portion of blood. About 55% of our blood is plasma, and the remaining 45% are red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets that are suspended in the plasma. ​

“Struggling Americans are being preyed upon for their bodily fluids while a few large corporations reap the benefits of the huge market for U.S. blood plasma exports,” said McCormick, who earned acclaim for her 2018 Democratic primary challenge to US Senator Robert Menendez. “It is despicable that our government officials are allowing this to happen. People should not be victimized in this manner for corporate gain.”

McCormick believes that the situation calls for immediate attention and regulation by the government to protect the health and safety of plasma donors.
“This is unacceptable. It’s unconscionable that our government officials are allowing these ‘vampires’ to continue to prey on the most vulnerable members of our society,” said McCormick. “While corporations profit from the sale of blood plasma, many Americans are struggling to make ends meet and are being forced to sell their bodily fluids just to get by.”

McCormick went on to criticize the government’s failure to regulate the blood plasma industry properly, saying, “The government has a responsibility to protect its citizens, and yet they continue to turn a blind eye to the injustices being committed by these corporations. We need to put an end to this exploitation and ensure that every American has access to a decent living wage.”

She urges lawmakers to introduce legislation to regulate the industry and protect donors. McCormick also called on corporations to change their practices to ensure that the exploitation of vulnerable communities comes to an end.

“We cannot allow these ‘vampires’ to continue to profit off the backs of struggling Americans,” said McCormick. “​It’s time for our government officials to step up and put an end to this exploitation once and for all.”​

McCormick vowed to continue raising awareness of the blood plasma industry and the exploitation of vulnerable communities with the hopes that her voice and those of others will help to bring about positive change.

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