Corporate establishment, media outlets denying spotlight to worthy candidates

As the 2024 presidential campaign begins to take shape, many eyes are turning to the potential Democratic nominees, but they are finding evidence that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is trying to keep certain candidates away from the spotlight, namely Marianne Williamson and Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Why? According to some experts, the DNC fears that any vigorous discussion about issues, ideas or solutions will reveal to potential voters that the incumbent, President Joe Biden, is not the strongest possible nominee to defeat Donald Trump this time around.

While Biden has certainly made strides in his first term as president, many Democratic voters are concerned about his age, health, and ability to lead the country through the next four years. As many of three out of four Democrats have told pollsters they would prefer another candidate as the party’s nominee.

It is not surprising that other candidates are emerging as potential challengers to the weak incumbent, and Williamson and Kennedy each offer unique perspectives on key issues, such as healthcare, climate change, and social justice, and could bring fresh ideas and energy to the Democratic campaign.

However, the DNC seems to be more interested in maintaining the status quo and promoting the same old establishment candidates. This is a mistake. By excluding candidates like Williamson and Kennedy, the DNC is essentially limiting the discussion and debate around critical issues facing our country.

This ultimately weakens the Democratic Party and makes it more vulnerable to losing the presidential election.

Instead, the DNC should encourage a vigorous and open debate among all potential candidates, regardless of their background or political experience.

By doing so, the party can showcase its diversity, innovation, and commitment to finding real solutions to the challenges facing our country. This would also help to build up attention for the Democratic Party and increase voter engagement, which is critical in a highly competitive election year.

Williamson and Kennedy should also not be sidelined by the political establishment and corporate media outlets, which have demonstrated a tendency to exclude from their coverage contenders whose political views might hinder profits. The federal equal time rule requires broadcasters to treat each candidate for political office identically to every other candidate for that same office.

US Senator Bernie Sanders was noticeably denied fair coverage during his presidential campaigns, even when he made far more sense than Republican Donald Trump, whose every word on Twitter was amplified no matter how inane.

Like a bad record one finds themselves humming, Trump was drilling into the minds of US viewers through incessant broadcasting rather than any coherent message that would appeal to American values.

In conclusion, the DNC should not fear open and vigorous discussion about issues, ideas or solutions among its candidates. By allowing a diverse range of perspectives and opinions to be heard, the party can showcase its strengths and appeal to a broad base of voters.

Williamson and Kennedy offer unique and valuable insights, and they should be given the opportunity to debate their ideas and solutions with other potential candidates.

The future of the Democratic Party depends on it and possibly, the future of humanity depends on it.

Despite the challengers’ stark contrast with Biden, it should be difficult for the incumbent to explain why he won’t debate when the electorate is clearly tired of being corralled by the political establishment and corporate media outlets.

Joe Biden has failed to stand up to Republicans and conservative corporate obstructionists in his own party, so it is unlikely that his Rose Garden strategy is going to pay off before he is beleaguered by actors in chicken suits every time he ventures outside the White House.

While the political establishment tries to convince Americans that Williamson and Kennedy have no chance to defeat Biden, they are each making an effort to appeal for our votes. If Biden cannot bring himself to doing that, then he is only making it more likely that he will lose.

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