Column B Democrat Stan Cunningham seeks council in Roselle’s First Ward

As the Democratic primary for councilman in Roselle’s First Ward approaches, the president of the local Pop Warner Football program is quickly emerging as a leading candidate.

Stan Cunningham, a Column B Democratic candidate running for councilman in Roselle’s First Ward, is a prominent figure with a strong record of community involvement and a clear vision for the future of the borough.

As the president of the local Pop Warner Football program and a professional mental health manager for a state nonprofit agency, Cunningham brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to serving the community.

Throughout his tenure as the president of the local Pop Warner Football program, Cunningham has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep dedication to youth development. He has been instrumental in providing opportunities for children to engage in sports, fostering discipline, teamwork, and physical fitness.

Cunningham’s involvement in youth programs highlights his commitment to the well-being and growth of Roselle’s younger generation.

In his professional capacity as a mental health manager, Cunningham has honed his skills in navigating complex issues and finding practical solutions. His experience in managing programs and working with diverse populations has equipped him with the ability to address the unique needs of Roselle residents effectively.

Cunningham’s expertise in mental health and his commitment to community service positions him as a valuable asset in shaping policies that prioritize the overall well-being of the borough’s residents.

Cunningham’s vision for Roselle is rooted in his belief that the borough possesses a tremendous untapped potential that needs the right leadership to thrive. His overarching goal is to unite the community and foster a sense of pride and togetherness.

Cunningham envisions a Roselle that is affordable, vibrant and offers a high quality of life for its residents.

To achieve this vision, Cunningham plans to prioritize the allocation of resources directly back to taxpayers. He believes in reducing the financial burden on residents while ensuring that essential services and programs are readily available. This includes maintaining permanent recreation services for seniors, children, and families, and recognizing the importance of providing avenues for physical activity, leisure, and community engagement.

Furthermore, Cunningham is committed to attracting quality businesses to Roselle, revitalizing underdeveloped areas, and spurring economic growth. He recognizes that a thriving business sector can create job opportunities, generate revenue, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the community.

Infrastructure improvements also feature prominently in Cunningham’s plan for Roselle. He is determined to address longstanding issues such as flooding by implementing immediate measures to improve affected areas. Additionally, Cunningham places great importance on restoring and maintaining parks, recognizing their role in providing accessible green spaces for recreational activities and fostering community connections.

Public safety is another crucial aspect of Cunningham’s vision.

The Column B Democrat advocates for ensuring that the public safety departments have the necessary resources and funding to protect and assist Roselle residents effectively. By prioritizing public safety, Cunningham aims to provide a secure environment for all community members to thrive and feel safe.

Above all, Cunningham strongly emphasizes the need for transparent and effective communication between the borough administration and residents.

Recognizing that open lines of communication are vital for building trust and fostering a sense of community, Cunningham aims to bridge the gap by establishing regular and consistent channels of communication, ensuring that residents are informed and engaged in matters that affect their daily lives.

“As the Democratic primary approaches, Stan Cunningham stands as a candidate with a proven record of community service, a commitment to youth development, and a clear vision for the future of Roselle,” said Column B state Senate candidate Angela Alvey-Wimbush. “His leadership, experience, and dedication make him a strong contender in the race for councilman in Roselle’s First Ward, offering a promising path forward for the borough and its residents.”

Cunningham, who is employed as a professional mental health manager for a state nonprofit agency, is a supporter of former Assemblyman Jamel Holley’s bid to unseat the heroin-dealing Elizabeth homeowner, incumbent Mayor Donald Shaw.

Shaw, who is a convicted heroin dealer, won a special election as mayor in 2020 following the resignation of Christine Dansereau after power brokers selected him as the Democratic mayoral candidate.

However, Holley, who previously served as mayor from 2012 until winning a special election for State Assembly in 2015, is expected to reclaim the position.

In a show of solidarity with Holley, Third Ward Councilwoman Cynthia Johnson has announced her support for him and joined his slate in the Democratic primary election on June 6.

Councilman Richard Villeda is backing for Holley’s Column B slate, which includes Cunningham, who seeks the nomination to replace Villeda.

Cunningham, along with other members of Team Holley, envisions a future for Roselle that capitalizes on its untapped potential. They believe that the current leadership in the borough falls short of maximizing the town’s growth prospects.

Cunningham emphasizes the need for stronger leadership and a united vision for Roselle’s long-term success.

According to Cunningham, the Holley-led team intends to make the borough more affordable, prioritize returning resources directly to taxpayers, and ensure the provision of permanent recreation services for seniors, children, and families.

“The Borough of Roselle has incredible potential but lacks leadership at the moment to be able to reach our full potential,” said Cunningham. “Mayor Holley, Councilwoman Cynthia Johnson and I will connect what is disconnected and put Roselle on a path of success long-term.”

Their redevelopment plan focuses on attracting quality businesses and revitalizing underdeveloped areas.

Cunningham said immediate attention will be given to infrastructure improvements in flood-prone areas, restoring and maintaining parks, and ensuring adequate funding for public safety departments.

“We will make Roselle more affordable, return resources directly back to taxpayers, and will ensure recreation services for seniors, children and families will be permanent,” said Cunningham. “Our redevelopment plan will focus on attracting quality businesses and bring underdeveloped areas to life. Infrastructure and improvements to our flooded areas will be immediately addressed and our parks will be restored and maintained.”

One of the concerns voiced by Cunningham is the lack of effective communication between the current borough administration and residents. He believes that improved communication is crucial for building trust and delivering the quality services that Roselle residents deserve.

“Public Safety Departments will not have to worry about resources and will receive adequate funding to protect and assist our residents,” said Cunningham. “Communication is at an all-time low with this borough administration and the residents deserve so much better. We will work as a team to deliver quality and consistent communication immediately.”

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