Stacked court is helping extremists do end run against democracy

Our current Supreme Court — stacked with far-right judges thanks to strong-arm tactics from Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell — has ended the national right to reproductive freedom in America.

It’s rolled back the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gasses and protect our environment. It’s severely limited the ability of states to implement sensible gun safety laws.

It’s opened the floodgates to dark money in our elections, it’s given the green light to rampant gerrymandering, as it gutted the Voting Rights Act.

When an unelected group of extreme right-wing judges can undo decades of progress and destroy the people’s fundamental rights (and do so while ignoring ethics laws, as Clarence Thomas recently demonstrated), something needs to change.

Because of this court’s actions, millions of Americans now live in states that ban abortion with zero exceptions for rape and incest, or when pregnancy threatens a woman’s life.

Because of this court, legislative bodies increasingly do not reflect the people who they are supposed to represent.

Because of this court, special interests have more influence on our politics than ever before.

It will take years to undo the damage of this court.

As Congress works on legislation to restore our rights and make our system fairer, you know that we need to act to prevent the Supreme Court ~and any future one~ from doing further damage.

Americans must find a way to make the court more responsible and reflective.

A good start would be electing genuine progressive Democrats who are not going to placidly accept injustice as a normal part of American life.

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