Lisa McCormick calls for the nationalization of oil companies

Lisa McCormick

Stating that they hold excessive power and are responsible for ecological destruction, New Jersey environmentalist Lisa McCormick called for the prosecution of fossil fuel executives responsible for the climate crisis, the nationalization of oil companies, and for using their resources to fund a transition to renewable energy sources.

McCormick, a progressive Democrat who waged a surprisingly effective low-budget campaign in New Jersey’s 2018 Democratic primary for US Senate, accused the fossil fuel industry of knowingly damaging the planet for decades while misleading the public and influencing Congress to weaken environmental regulations.

In response to concerning campaign contribution figures, McCormick reiterated her call for nationalizing oil companies. She emphasized that the industry has spent billions of dollars to block climate change action, using money and political influence to deceive the public and harm the environment.

“The fossil fuel industry has too much power in Washington,” said McCormick. “We need campaign finance reform to remove big money from politics, break up the fossil fuel industry, and invest in clean energy.”

These comments from McCormick come as the fossil fuel industry has made over $1.4 billion in federal campaign contributions since 1990, including over $968 million since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. This money has been used to buy influence in Congress and hinder climate change action.

“We must level the playing field and hold the fossil fuel industry accountable,” McCormick stated.

McCormick also called for the prosecution of fossil fuel executives for their role in exacerbating the climate crisis.

“The fossil fuel industry has known for decades that their products were destroying the planet,” said McCormick. “People are dying as a result of global warming, and it’s time to hold them accountable.”

McCormick has been vocal on social media, reiterating her stance:

“Reaganomics is a failed economic policy that has led to income inequality, environmental destruction, and a decline in the middle class,” McCormick said. “The fossil fuel industry has lied to the public, influenced Congress, and obstructed climate change action.”

“It’s time to break up the fossil fuel industry, invest in clean energy, and get big money out of politics,” added McCormick.

Emphasizing the urgency of addressing the climate crisis, McCormick stated, “Let’s nationalize the oil companies, prosecute those responsible for destroying the climate, and save the world.” The significant campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry highlight the need for systemic change and reducing their influence on the political landscape.

McCormick has been a vocal advocate for reversing Reaganomics’ policies that contribute to income inequality and environmental degradation. Nationalizing oil companies would facilitate greater government control and transition to renewable energy sources.

The staggering campaign contributions, exceeding $1.4 billion over the past three decades, underscore the fossil fuel industry’s significant sway in shaping policies and hindering progress toward a sustainable future. McCormick argues that these contributions come at the expense of environmental protection and the well-being of impacted communities.

To combat the devastating effects of climate change, McCormick calls for swift and decisive action, emphasizing the importance of addressing social and environmental justice.

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