Democrat Marianne Williamson says that the climate crisis is already here

Marianne Williamson

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson says that the climate crisis is an emergency right now and not some looming future threat and claimed that it ” is absurd” for environmental organizations to endorse President Joe Biden’s “incremental approach to dealing with the climate crisis.”

The candidate quoted polar explorer Sir Robert Swann, who said, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it,” and she noted that 257 people had “exposure to excessive natural heat” listed as the cause of death.

“June was the hottest month on record for the Earth – until July took over the top spot. These record-breaking temperatures have already led to a spike in heat-related deaths, and experts predict more are on the way,” said Williamson, a best-selling author who hopes to replace Biden as the Democratic nominee for president. “The polar ice caps are melting at an unprecedented rate. We are experiencing our worst wildfire season on record – choking our cities with smoke and threatening entire communities with going up in flames.”

The climate crisis is not on the way – it is already here,” said Williamson, who has been victimized by a smear campaign orchestrated by allies of President Joe Biden that is aimed at the contender’s character and intended to diminish the significance of her candidacy.

“We cannot afford another four years of incremental tweaks and fixes. While there are some healthy green investments in the Inflation Reduction Act, their benefits are nullified by the President’s support for fossil fuel extraction,” said Williamson. “We cannot afford another four years of expanded drilling, as both President Trump and President Biden have done. This is not a time to ramp up fossil fuel extraction; it’s time to ramp it down.”

“As president, I will treat the climate crisis as the public emergency that it clearly is. I will cancel the Willow Project on Day One, and immediately take steps to ensure a just transition from a dirty economy to a green one,” said Williamson. “If an American president could declare we would send a man to the moon within ten years, an American president can declare we will save the earth within the same amount of time. As president, I will mobilize and unite Americans in this effort – for it will take all of us.”

“It is not hyperbole to say our lives are on the line. We must not tolerate, and we must not re-elect, leaders who give lip service to climate change,” said Williamson. “Our message to Washington in this next election must be loud, passionate, and committed: We have no more time. We are changing direction and we’re changing it now.”

“We are not consigned to a fate of climate collapse. There is time to change course if we elect a president who will follow through on this commitment,” said Williamson, whose full climate policy contains more detailed plans.

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