Biden nixes RFK Jr’s Secret Service security detail

Joe Biden and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Joe Biden and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The Biden administration has refused a request, supported by 63 pages of confidential documentation, to provide Secret Service protection for Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., whose father and uncle were assassinated.

The Democratic Party political establishment and its allied corporate owned media outlets are stirring up hate against Kennedy with a pattern of character assassination in retaliation for the environmental lawyer running against Biden, while President denies protection to his rival for the 2024 nomination.

After Biden placed a bust of Robert F. Kennedy, Sr., in the Oval Office, he is heartlessly denying Senator Kennedy’s namesake the kind of protection that the Secret Service provides his own son, Hunter Biden.

Biden will not provide protection for Kennedy, whose father and uncle were assassinated, because he is challenging the incumbent in the Democratic nominating race.

“The White House and the (Democratic National Committee) are playing hardball pitching hate and vilifying me in the press with hate speech and the most odious defamations that might reasonably incite violence while simultaneously denying me the security to which I’m entitled,” said Kennedy.

Corporate character assassins routinely identity the challenger as an “anti vaccine conspiracy theorist” despite his sincerity and scholarly attention to scientific details.

Kennedy has argued that federal government agencies are inappropriately influenced or controlled by the industry groups that they are intended to regulate. His views have been subjected to widespread censorship in a concerted effort directed by government officials and social media companies.

The civil rights violations against Kennedy and other targets of those illegal activities have resulted in a recent court order barring the Biden administration from

“At least one out of every three campaign dollars spent today goes for our candidate’s security,” said Kennedy Campaign Manager Dennis Kucinich. “President Biden will campaign and have Secret Service protection, paid for by the taxpayers.”

Kennedy, who is known as RFK, Jr., devoted himself to environmental causes and children’s welfare as founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance and Children’s Health Defense, organizations that he used to win hundreds of successful legal actions.

In recognition of his reputation as a defender of the environment and children’s health, he was named a “hero for the planet” by Time Magazine in 2005, and his leadership helped spawn more than 300 Waterkeeper organizations across the globe.

Kennedy’s environmental battles over the past four decades include landmark victories in toxic contamination cases against Monsanto in 2018, and DuPont in 2019.

He was senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, chief prosecuting attorney for the Hudson Riverkeeper and chairman of Waterkeeper Alliance as well as a professor of law at Pace University and award-winning author.

Kennedy spent a considerable amount of time challenging the idea he says is pushed by “corporate crony capitalism” that environmentally friendly business can’t be prosperous.

“One of the things that they’ve said, and that they’ve kind of ingrained in the American consciousness, is this mantra that we have to choose between environmental protection on one hand and economic prosperity on the other, and that is a false choice; in 100 percent of the situations, good environmental policy is identical to good economic policy,” he said.

Kennedy said continuing to use coal and other carbon-generating energy sources could create “a few years of pollution-based prosperity,” but our children are going to pay for our illusion of a prosperous economy: “Environmental injury is deficit spending; it’s a way of loading the costs of our generation’s prosperity onto the backs of our children.”

Air pollution from the combustion of fossil fuels causes 8.7 million deaths every year, but what makes fossil fuels the deadliest energy source is the atmospheric disruption that has resulted in global warming.

Biden has approved the ConocoPhillips Willow Project, an Alaskan liquefied natural gas project, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and other massive climate killing fossil fuel infrastructure development.

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