Texan pleaded guilty to evading over $1 million in federal income taxes.

Peter Tignini, was recognized the 2018 entrepreneur of the year by Arabian Business Magazine,

A Texas man who won the Arabian Business StartUp Awards for 2018 pleaded guilty yesterday to evading his federal income taxes after failing to pay $1,169,348 and then lying to the IRS in a scheme to avoid being caught.

According to court documents and statements made in court, from 2013 to 2018, Peter Joseph Tignini worked in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar, earning approximately $4,783,031 in income that he deposited into foreign bank accounts.

In other words, as he made close to $1 million each year, Tignini flasely claimed that he made only about $100,000 annually—leaving peple like you to make up the difference—but when he got caught, the oil executive lied to IRS investigators and created bogus documents to confirm his lies.

Tax cheater Peter Tignini
Planet killing tax cheater Peter Tignini, who spent 30 years polluting the environment and destroying the Earth’s climate, finally met justice for stiffing the US government for more than a million dollars in taxes.

Tignini is a senior executive with 30 years’ experience across various fossil fuel and petrochemical production who has worked extensively overseas in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) and project management consultancy (PMC) roles.

At the 2020 Project Control Summit, hosted by Project Control Academy, Tignini was on a panel with Misty Mayes, Christine McLean, Rick Gillis, and Dr. Kamran Akbarzadeh.

From 2013 through 2017, Tignini filed tax returns falsely reporting that his income was only approximately $100,000 each year, an amount near or below the Foreign Earned Income (FEI) exclusion, which allows a U.S. citizen who lives and works in a foreign country for the majority of a year to exclude a portion of their income earned outside the United States from their taxable income.

Tignini did not file a return for 2018. As a result, Tignini caused a tax loss to the IRS of $1,169,348.

After IRS Special Agents interviewed Tignini, he used an internet application to alter his employment contract and payroll documents to make them appear as if Tignini’s former employer was responsible for submitting his tax returns and paying the corresponding taxes due.

Tignini then caused his attorneys to provide the fraudulent documents he had created to the Justice Department’s Tax Division and the IRS.

After investigators asked a witness about the internet application Tignini used to create the phony documents, Tignini attempted to delete the documents from his account.

Tignini faces a maximum statutory penalty of five years in prison, as well as a period of supervised release, restitution, and monetary penalties.

The planet killing tax cheater, who spent 30 years polluting the environment, can go right back to work destroying the Earth’s climate after he serves his sentence for stiffing the US government out of more than a million dollars in taxes.

Readers who want to advise the judge to impose a fair sentence may write to Nathan Ochsner, Clerk of Court, P.O. Box 61010, Houston, TX 77208, because while Tignini faces a maximum of five years in prison, his plea deal will probably result in a far lesser penalty unless there is a strong public outcry.

A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

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