Democrats host informational sessions on convention delegate selection plan

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Marianne Williamson, and President Joe Biden

There are three major candidates hoping to win the Democratic Party nomination for president—Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Marianne Williamson, and President Joe Biden—and the nominee will be selected by delegates who are chosen by voters but party bosses are being accused of rigging the process.

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee will host a conference for residents to learn about the 2024 Democratic National Committee’s convention delegate selection plan.

The 2024 DNC Convention will take place in Chicago from August 19th, 2024 through August 22nd, 2024.

Kennedy Campaign Manager Dennis J. Kucinich, a former eight-term Democratic Congressman from Ohio, has accused Biden loyalists of cheating to deny challengers a fair shot at the Democratic nomination.

These maneuvers could drive Kennedy—who complained that the DNC’ has been staging a “rigged game”—to pursue an independent or third-party candidacy, depriving Democrats of a surefire winner with a liberal Democratic pedigree plus incredible appeal among unaffiliated and Republican voters.

Kennedy reported that at least 10 states missed deadlines concerning their 2024 primaries and Kucinich alleged that the DNC’s mismanagement of the process will undermine voter confidence, disenfranchise voters, and reduce participation.

Williamson has made similar arguments, suggesting that the party bosses are cheating because Biden is widely unpopular and unable to lead the party to victory.

“It is clear that the DNC is spending time putting in place ways to continue suppressing what voters keep saying they want. 67% of American voters want someone else besides President Joe Biden to run for President,” said Marianne Williamson’s campaign manager Carlos Cardona. “The DNC is out of touch with the American voters, and out of touch with democracy… It is time for the Democratic Party to stop filling its back rooms with smoke, and allow the American public to decide who should be our next nominee.”

Marianne Williamson campaign manager Bobby Kennedy campaign manager Dennis Kucinich New Jersey Democrat Lisa McCormick
Marianne Williamson’s campaign manager, Bobby Kennedy’s campaign manager Dennis Kucinich, and New Jersey Democrat Lisa McCormick agree that party bosses must stop cheating in order to give voters a chance to select the strongest nominee despite polls that show President Biden is unpopular.

“If this is the most important election in history, why is it that the DNC cannot countenance an even one percent chance of the possibility that voters will choose a stronger, more capable nominee than the frail, failing, and fossil-fuel addicted incumbent?,” asked New Jersey progressive Lisa McCormick, who faced similar conditions as party bosses closed ranks around the incumbent when she challenged US Senator Bob Menendez in 2018.

McCormick declared that she would not support Biden in a primary for his excessive military spending, kowtowing to the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince who killed Jamal Khashoggi, and failing to contain the climate crisis; but she has not yet endorsed either Williamson or Kennedy.

The delegate selection plan lays out the rules and procedures for the allocation and election of delegates to serve under the New Jersey delegation.

The informational session is an opportunity to ask questions about the application process and learn how you can represent your local area and New Jersey.

On Tuesday, October 3, there will be a session from 6 – 7:30 pm EDT at the Meatcutters UFCW Local 464A Hall located at 245 Paterson Avenue in Little Falls, NJ 07424. Residents should register for the event at the NJDSC website.

There will be other virtual and in-person informational sessions providing an opportunity to learn about the application process and how you can represent New Jersey in 2024.

Virtual Sessions:

In-Person Sessions: 

  • Tuesday, October 3rd – 6:00PM • UFCW Local 464A, 245 Paterson Ave, Little Falls, NJ • RSVP HERE
  • Friday, October 13th – 6:00PM • IBEW 400 3301 NJ-138 Wall, NJ • RSVP HERE
  • Wednesday, October 18th – 6:00PM * VFW Post 5119, 179 Main St. Glen Gardner, NJ • RSVP HERE

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