Mayor Vergano put the volunteer rescue squad on life support

By Stewart Resmer

On April 18 2006 then President Bush the younger uttered “I am the decider” during a testy Q&A with reporters over whether or not he was aware of the criticism of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
And the war(s) dragged on.

During the 2016 campaign cycle Donald Trump uttered “ I alone can fix it” without defining what ‘it’ was leaving the question of what the man actually fixed to continued open ended speculation and debate.

Closer to home here in Wayne Township it has become painfully obvious that Mayor Vergano has failed to heed the cautionary tale of the wielding of absolute powers.

This time the perceived misstep has to do with the volunteer rescue squad that is having trouble maintaining a level of staffing that assures the People of Wayne that timely help will not only be available but on the way when called upon 24/7/365.

It has long been common knowledge that the Mayor has consolidated his grip on what does or does not pass muster here which is self evident by every decision made on every local commission and board he sits on whose seats are occupied by his hand picked political operatives.

But there’s something different this time around about the 80 year historical trials and tribulations of the proud volunteer rescue squad. A squad that the Mayor himself has served in. And that difference is that the rest of the 55,000 people here depend on a functioning system during a life threatening emergency that demands that more than one individuals actions and decisions directly affect.

And while I for one do not question the mayors commitment to the town he grew up in; I do question the mayors indignant, dismissive, and condescending attitude and response to the questions and criticisms other pose as to how he conducts the deliberative process which are conducted behind closed doors and the presented to the compliant get along council without the advise and consent of the governed.

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