Lakewood Fire Commissioner Yakov Steinberg deploys for military duty in Israel

Yakov Steinberg, who has been a member of the Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners, serving as its chairman for the past three years, is now embarking on a tour of duty with the IDF Reserves in Israel.

Steinberg, a Republican, has been an active member of the board, and his departure for military service has garnered recognition and appreciation from his fellow board members.

Commissioner Larry Loigman, vice chairman of the board, expressed the board’s pride in sending one of their own to assist in protecting the people and land of Israel. He acknowledged Steinberg’s resolute nature in the face of danger and extended the community’s hopes and prayers for a successful mission while navigating the challenging circumstances of the ongoing conflict in the region.

Lakewood’s Board of Fire Commissioners and Fire Chief Jonathan T. Yahr are standing in unwavering support of Commissioner Yakov Steinberg, who has been a dedicated member of the Board of Fire Commissioners for the past three years, serving as its chairman. Commissioner Steinberg is now embarking on a courageous journey as he deploys for a tour of duty with the IDF Reserves in Israel.

“The Board expressed its deepest gratitude for Commissioner Steinberg’s unwavering commitment to serving both our local community and the global community in times of need,” said Fire Chief Jonathan T. Yahr. “Commissioner Steinberg has been an invaluable member of our Board of Fire Commissioners, demonstrating exceptional dedication, bravery, and leadership throughout his tenure.”

The Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners recognizes not only the sacrifices Commissioner Steinberg makes but also the sacrifices endured by his family and loved ones as they stand by him during this challenging time. As he prepares for deployment, the community’s thoughts and prayers are with him and all the brave men and women who will serve alongside him in the IDF Reserves.

Commissioner Steinberg’s selfless commitment to duty exemplifies the core values of the Lakewood Fire Department, which include honor, integrity, and courage. The entire community is united in their support for him and all service members who are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of others abroad.

In a collective statement, the Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners extended their best wishes to Commissioner Steinberg, expressing their confidence that his training, expertise, and dedication will have a significant positive impact during his mission. They eagerly await his return and look forward to welcoming him home with open arms.

Fire Chief Jonathan T. Yahr and Fire District Administrator Yehuda Beer of the Lakewood Fire District held an impromptu send-off to honor Commissioner Steinberg’s commitment and sacrifice.

For more information, please contact Yehuda Beer, Fire District Administrator at 732-364-5151.

Commissioner Yakov Steinberg, aged 35, is a resident of 230 Autumn Rd, Lakewood, NJ 08701, and is affiliated with the Republican Party. He is registered to vote in Ocean County, New Jersey.

The number of American citizens deploying to Israel to serve in the IDF Reserves is not publicly available information. However, it is estimated that there are several hundred American citizens serving in the IDF Reserves at any given time.

The IDF Reserves is a component of the Israeli Defense Forces that is made up of Israeli citizens who have completed their compulsory military service. However, non-Israeli citizens are also eligible to serve in the IDF Reserves, and a number of American citizens do so each year.

American citizens who serve in the IDF Reserves are motivated by a variety of reasons, including their love for Israel, their belief in the importance of supporting Israel’s right to self-defense, and their desire to experience the unique camaraderie and sense of purpose that comes from serving in the IDF.

American citizens who serve in the IDF Reserves play an important role in the defense of Israel. They are highly trained and motivated soldiers who are committed to protecting Israel from its enemies.

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