Joe Cryan let idiots vote in New Jersey

New Jersey cut the word ‘idiot’ from its constitution so that people with some mental disabilities won’t be barred from voting but it is possible a scheming politician engineered the move because he thought it would help him advance if idiots could vote. State Assemblyman Joseph P. Cryan introduced a bill on February 26, 2007Continue reading “Joe Cryan let idiots vote in New Jersey”

Police & politicians divorce the communities they are supposed to serve

Joe Cryan does not think police or politicians should be required to live where they serve, which is why 70 percent of the politician’s real estate assets are in Pennsylvania, causing some concern about his commitment to the Garden State and the people of Union County who lack real representative in the New Jersey Senate.Continue reading “Police & politicians divorce the communities they are supposed to serve”

Cowardly Cryan clings to Cancel Culture

Corrupt politician Joseph Cryan has cut off access to a computer server that hosted the website of NJTODAY.NET, New Jersey’s oldest weekly newspaper, by deviously threatening unfounded legal action. NJTODAY.NET has restored services temporarily but the publisher is planning to sue in response to Cryan’s illegal attack on the First Amendment and the commercial rightsContinue reading “Cowardly Cryan clings to Cancel Culture”


Lawyers for Senator Joseph Cryan have caused NJTODAY.NET to be deprived of our host server under false pretenses in an effort to deprive voters of the truth in the closing week of the Democratic primary election campaign. We will return to normal soon, but this site will provide the latest news temporarily while New Jersey’sContinue reading “WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED BY CORRUPT POLITICIANS LIKE SENATOR JOE CRYAN”

Biden calls out moderate Democrats

President Joe Biden is calling out a pair of moderate Democratic senators as he faces emboldened opposition to key pieces of his agenda. Touting the need to pass legislation on voting rights, Biden dismissed criticism over Democrats’ inability thus far to move certain bills forward, noting that Republicans remain nearly universally opposed to the piecesContinue reading “Biden calls out moderate Democrats”

Black Lives Matter crusade began in 1955

This summer marks 66 years since the 1955 lynching of then-14-year-old Emmett Till by White supremacists, but the brutal murder that catalyzed the 20th century civil rights movement stands out as a starting point while George Floyd’s death underscores the progress and lack thereof in America’s struggle for equality and justice. It was falsely allegedContinue reading “Black Lives Matter crusade began in 1955”

Strange history of Black Hebrew Israelites tied to Jersey City murders

By Mark Potok  The apparent anti-Semitic multiple murder of four people and the subsequent deaths of the two attackers in a Jersey City, resulted in reports that the slaughter appears to be linked to a black supremacist doctrine. Mayor Steven Fulop had already said that the kosher grocery store where most of the shooting took placeContinue reading “Strange history of Black Hebrew Israelites tied to Jersey City murders”