Cowardly Cryan clings to Cancel Culture

Corrupt politician Joseph Cryan has cut off access to a computer server that hosted the website of NJTODAY.NET, New Jersey’s oldest weekly newspaper, by deviously threatening unfounded legal action.

NJTODAY.NET has restored services temporarily but the publisher is planning to sue in response to Cryan’s illegal attack on the First Amendment and the commercial rights of a critic.

The newspaper recently reported that Cryan bought a home in Pennsylvania shortly after taking office in the New Jersey State Senate and also that he was endorsed by a police union which supported Donald Trump last year.

“Apparently, cowardly Joe Cryan is worried that our reporting will cause him to lose when voters choose between him and Assemblyman Jamel Holley next week,” said James Devine, associate publisher. “We have revealed that Cryan illegally took money from tax-free charity groups as well as corporate polluters, tobacco companies and mafia associates.”

“We have temporarily rerouted news to get around Cryan’s desperate attempt to deprive the public of informative facts ond opinions concerning his dastardly record of self-serving and bigotry,” said Devine. “Some might say it was stupid for Cryan to elevate attention to NJTODAY.NET by mounting an un-American attack on the First Amendment but we are not going to be intimidated about telling the truth.”

Among other things reported by NJTODAY.NET, Cryan put ten of his family members in government jobs that pay a total of more than one million dollars per year.

Cryan also showed disrespect to victims of police violence, a constituency that has had a heroic champion in Holley, who today is accepting the endorsement of Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, an unarmed citizen who was killed by police.

At an event in Union Township honoring George Floyd, Cryan convinced people to kneel for nine minutes, a sneaky tribute to Derrek Chauvin, the police officer who murdered the Minnesota father by kneeling on his neck for that same length of time.

On the same day Chauvin’s murder trial began, Cryan announced that he was endorsed by New Jersey’s largest police union, the PBA, a group that prominently supported Donald Trump last year.

Other stories highlighted other similarities between Cryan and Trump, such as their misogynistic and abusive sexual tendencies and the desire to outlaw abortion.

NJTODAY.NET shared a questionnaire posted at in which Cryan expressed support for outlawing abortion except for cases of rape incest or if a woman’s life is in danger.

Democrats almost universally oppose Republican efforts to stack the court system in order to reverse the decades old Roe v. Wade decision that made the right to choose and personal privacy liberties protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Trump installed a conservative majority with his appointment of three new Supreme Court justices, and the fundamental women’s rights issue is likely to be taken away.

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