Fred Hampton Leftists hosted discussion with leaders of Ten Demands for Justice

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Ten Demands for Justice co-founders @SocialistMMA, @anhiebananhie, @zoyaislove and @AWKWORDrap were hosted by @FredHamptonLeft to break down Demand 2 — to Eliminate Discriminatory Policing, Prosecution and Sentencing… on the road to #AbolishThePolice and prisons

Second among the Ten Demands is: Demilitarize the Police, which means:

  • Disarm all law enforcement, including police officers and security guards, starting immediately with all military-grade weaponry and equipment.
  • Enforce Abuse of Force laws.
  • Make all body and dash cam footage public.
  • End the federal 1033 Program that provides military weaponry to local police departments.
  • Pass HR 1714, the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act.
  • Require all Byrne Grants be used for non-carceral alternatives to incarceration, instead of police department militarization.
  • End all grants from the Department of Homeland Security, Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI and federal Justice Department.
  • End all Pentagon giveaway defense appropriations.
  • End all militarized international police training exchange programs.
  • Cancel all police and government contracts with private and public institutions that develop surveillance technologies.
  • Establish national, state and local legal restrictions to prevent police departments from purchasing or using military weaponry.

Ten Demands for Justice is a movement that envisions a new society in which prisons and police are no longer necessary, and communities are equipped to provide for their own health and safety.

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