Sussex county pot dealer admits having weapons arsenal

A Sussex county man appeared in federal court and admitted to charges that he possessed an arsenal of weapons, ammunition, and marijuana.

Joseph Rubino, 59, of Lafayette Township, New Jersey, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge William J. Martini in Newark federal court to an information charging him with one count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and one count of possession of firearms and ammunition by a convicted felon.

According to U.S. Attorney Rachael A. Honig, documents filed in this case and statements made in court on July 24, 2019, following a motor vehicle accident, officers with the New Jersey State Police observed numerous weapons and ammunition inside Rubino’s crashed vehicle.

After executing court-authorized search warrants on Rubino’s vehicle and residence, law enforcement recovered an arsenal of weapons and ammunition from Rubino’s car and house, including:

An Intratec Arms Model TEC-DC9 semi-automatic assault handgun;
A Cobray Arms Mac-11 9mm semi-automatic assault pistol with a high capacity magazine;
A Keltec CMR30 .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle loaded with sixteen (16) .22 caliber hollow-point cartridges;
A High Standard Derringer .22 caliber double-barrel handgun;
A Polymer 80 9mm semi-automatic handgun;
An Ithaca M-66 20-gauge single shotgun;
A Remington Model 700 .223 caliber bold action rifle with scope;
A Thompson Center .50 caliber muzzle-loading rifle with scope;
A Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 12-gauge pump shotgun;
A New England Firearms 20-gauge single shot shotgun;
A Remington Model 760 .300 Savage pump rifle;
A Glenfield Mod 60 .22 LR caliber semi-automatic rifle;
Two sawed-off double-barrel shotgun barrels
Several high-capacity magazines;
Numerous silencers;
An assault rifle scope;
A grenade launcher;
A ballistics vest; and
Numerous additional ammunitions of various calibers

In addition to the firearms and ammunition, law enforcement recovered approximately 2.5 kilograms of marijuana from Rubino’s house.

The count of possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute carries a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison and fine of up to $250,000, or twice the gross profits or other proceeds to the defendant, whichever is greatest.

The count of possession of firearms and ammunition by a convicted felon is punishable by a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000, or twice the gross profit or pecuniary loss, whichever is greatest.

Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 14, 2021.

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