Extremist endorsers are causing Tom Kean Jr. problems

Some of the people who have endorsed Tom Kean Jr. for Congress are causing problems for the three-time loser.

Kean Jr. was criticized by allies for featuring extremist-enabler GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy at his campaign launch event, which he refused to let press cover for fear of appearing in photographs with the Minority Leader in the United States House of Representatives.

Another Kean Jr. endorser, Rep. Elise Stefanik, was recently caught pushing white nationalist conspiracy theories.

The Washington Post reported Stefanik’s fundraising ads echoed the white supremacist replacement theory that Democrats are seeking to “replace White citizens with non-White immigrants.

”After she endorsed him, Kean Jr. called Stefanik “a bold leader and advocate for conservative values.”

Does Kean think raising money with neo-Nazi talking points is bold or conservative?

“In his desperation to trade the Trenton swamp for the DC swamp, Tom Kean Jr. has aligned himself with the most extreme, hateful members of the Republican Party,” said Democratic campaign spokesperson James Singer. “New Jerseyans deserve to know if Kean Jr. agrees with his endorser Stefanik’s white supremacist rhetoric.”

Tom Kean Jr. wrote the law that Institutionalized legal bribery, also known as ‘pay to play’ or the exchange of campaign contributions for government contracts.

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