Trump supporter demands free health care while claiming to have bomb at U.S. Capitol

After a standoff that lasted several hours, authorities in Washington, D.C. have identified the man who claimed to have an explosive outside the Library of Congress as Floyd Ray Roseberry.

Roseberry surrendered to police shortly after 2 p.m., he was taken into custody without further incident, and multiple charges are pending against him.

Roseberry, 49, is from Grover, North Carolina, which is located in Cleveland County.

U.S. Capitol police said Roseberry was inside a pickup truck parked outside the Library of Congress claiming to have explosives with a detonator in his hand.

Roseberry was identified as the North Carolina Donald Trump supporter who was streaming on Facebook Live from a truck near the Library of Congress while challenging President Joe Biden to take action that would trigger a revolution.

“People think it’s a joke but they cleared the block,” Roseberry said. “They need to get Joe Biden down here. I’m not hurting nobody Joe. I’m not pulling the trigger on this thing. I can’t – there’s no way for me to blow this up. Only you can by shooting a bullet through my window. You don’t want to do it Joe. I love this land. We got a few options here Joe. You shoot me, this two and a half blocks is going with it. You’re talking about a revolution? The revolution is on. It’s here. It’s today.”

Investigators said Roseberry had a propane tank in his truck but said they aren’t sure if there are any explosive devices in the vehicle.

Roseberry posted multiple videos to a now-removed Facebook page Thursday, demanding to speak with President Joe Biden. Officials have not determined Roseberry’s motive at this time. During a lengthy Facebook live video, Roseberry said, “the revolution is on” and that he’d “die for this land.”

Roseberry has been a registered Republican voter since 2016.

Investigators said Roseberry’s criminal history was “nothing that serious.” In the late 1980s, Roseberry was charged with larceny over $200 and driving without a license. He was given probation for those offenses. Cleveland County court records indicate he was convicted of resisting a public officer in 1993 as well.

U.S. Capitol Police said Roseberry’s mother recently passed away. Members of Roseberry’s family told police he was dealing with “other issues.”

“It’s time to take a stand. Well mother fuckers, I’m here today. I’m setting the foundation. And if all you mother fuckers want to sit at home and explain to your kids why you didn’t go up there, you can do that,” said Roseberry.

“I’m good with it. But for me, that ain’t what I am. I’m an American Patriot. This platform is going to be built and when it’s built, you’ll know it…I’m a Patriot. My family fought the war. My uncle was in special services. He lost his legs. What did he do? He went back and served 10 more years. This world’s fed up…the Southern boys are here.”

Roseberry said that if authorities killed him, it would start a chain reaction. “The fucking American people sent me here. I’m here to take a stand.”

“They keep allowing these illegal Mexicans in here,” said Roseberry. “All these illegal immigrants from Afghanistan. You don’t have free health care for us. You’re f***ing giving it to them. Joe Biden, the South is fed up. And it isn’t because we don’t love everybody. My heart goes out to everybody even animals. When I run over a rabbit, I have to go back and throw it out of the road to make sure it doesn’t get run over again. I deer hunt…I’ve always been taught. You don’t kill nothing you don’t eat.”

He lamented a lack of health insurance. He said superstar athletes could get healthcare, but he couldn’t get shots for his back.

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  1. Hey Republicans!! Where are your messages now? This is one of yours. Where are all of your “gitter dun'” comments? Yo, Q-clubbers, Where are your comments? Where are your pro Trump comments?

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