Arizona activist says Trump duped her

One of Arizona’s top Stop the Steal activists is an aspiring lawyer and Republican activist who came to the realization that the only conspiracy is the organized effort to promote former President Donald Trump’s to spread the lie that his loss was the result of fraud.

Staci Burk, the former president of Gilbert Public Schools, filed suit on Dec. 7, 2020, asking that Superior Court Judge Kevin White “de-certify” Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona, alleging widespread voter fraud.

Now she has come to the realization that Trump’s hoax —and not election fraud— is the actual conspiracy but her lawsuit is pending before the US Supreme Court because she filed appeals after the Arizona judiciary ruled that she did not have a leg to stand on.

The complete absence of evidence to support bogus ballot fraud allegations did not stop the Republican-controlled Arizona Senate from hiring a private company called Cyber Ninjas to conduct an audit after President Joe Biden became the first Democrat to win the state in decades, and the plaintiff’s decision to recant her complaint has not apparently stopped the lawsuit that is pending in her name.

Burk, a 47-year-old former school board member in America’s fastest growing municipality, was plucked out of political obscurity and placed at the center of a national campaign to overturn Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

For weeks, a heavily armed security team, sent by Trump’s disgraced and pardoned former national security advisor Michael Flynn, lived at her house, allegedly protecting her while stoking her conspiracies and fears, according to .

But nine months after the election, with no great revelation, no smoking gun pointing to the massive fraud the former president claimed, one of Arizona’s biggest Stop the Steal proponents is having second thoughts.

When Pinal County Judge Kevin White concluded on Dec. 15, 2020, that Burk lacked standing to contest the election because she wasn’t a registered voter at the time she filed her lawsuit and dismissed her lawsuit that sought to decertify Biden’s win in Arizona, it was the eighth case that failed to challenge the election results in that state.

Unperturbed, Burke brought her entirely unfounded case to the US Supreme Court, where one-third of the nine justices were appointed by Trump, but now she may be having second thoughts.

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