Conservative corporate Democrat Gottheimer draws progressive critics

New Jersey residents held a rally outside Rep. Josh Gottheimer’s office in Glen Rock, to demanding that the conservative corporate Democrat support for President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan, a ten-year spending blueprint that would help catch up with infrastructure investments that have been neglected for the last 40 years.

Among those attending the rally was Arati Kreibich, a member of the Glen Rock City Council who prioritized fighting climate change and moving to clean energy when she challenged Gottheimer in the Democratic primary to represent New Jersey’s 5th congressional district on July 7, 2020.

“I am so sorry we have to keep coming out and ask our Democratic congressmember to back our Democratic president so we can be on a path to inclusive recovery and we can actually start to build back better,” said Kreibich, who earned her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005.

Progressive Democrat Lisa McCormick, who was not at the rally in northern New Jersey, accused Gottheimer of being “Donald Trump’s favorite Democrat in Congress” and said he is trying to delay Biden’s $350 billion per year plan for spending on education, child care, health care and climate change.

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