Driver’s manuals available in 4 languages

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission says the 2021 New Jersey Driver Manual is now available in two additional languages, Tagalog and Chinese, on its website at

The 2021 New Jersey Driver Manual was previously available in English and Spanish.

With the addition of Tagalog and Chinese, the manual is now available in the four most commonly spoken languages in the state.

“The NJMVC is pleased to offer the 2021 New Jersey Driver Manual in Tagalog and Chinese to better serve our state’s diverse population,” NJMVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton said. “We urge all New Jersey drivers – new and experienced – to use the manual to learn how to be safe, courteous, and aware drivers.”

In addition to the four versions available online, hard copies of this year’s manual in Spanish will ship the week of Nov. 14.

The 2021 manual includes the latest updated information about the rules of the road and the requirements for obtaining a driver license in New Jersey.

New drivers are especially encouraged to use the manual to study and prepare for the written knowledge test.

The knowledge test is taken after an applicant receives a learner permit, and is part of the state’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) program.

Knowledge tests are administered by the NJMVC on computers in more than 12 languages.

Failure rates for knowledge tests in recent months have ranged between 40-50%, so it makes sense to study the manual in advance.

“We can’t stress this enough – study the manual before you come for your knowledge test,” said Fulton. “Be prepared and don’t take any shortcuts. We want applicants to succeed and pass their tests.”

Experienced drivers also should consult the manual to refresh their driving knowledge and stay up to date on new laws and best practices for safe driving in New Jersey.

The current New Jersey Driver Manual is accessible on the NJMVC website in all four available languages.

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