ClearSkies sponsors Outlaw Air Racing Team for the future of electric aviation 

With the emergence of electric aviation as a viable alternative to carbon-based air transportation, ClearSkies, a California-based leader in the renewable aircraft power space is sponsoring the Outlaw Air Racing Team out of Edmonton, Canada.

As part of its new partnership, company executives were on hand for the recent National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada, where Canadian pilot Scott Holmes, flew his ClearSkies-sponsored Cassutt III-M Outlaw aircraft to a second-place finish in the 2021 Formula One Silver event clocking in at an impressive 168.878 miles per hour.

ClearSkies co-founders John Hilgers (L) and Dr. Lynn Creelman (R ) celebrate their new partnership with Outlaw Air Racing’s Scott Holmes (center) at the recent National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada..

Outlaw Racing is one of the cutting-edge pioneers in the electric air racing space.

About Outlaw’s future electric-powered racing plans, Holmes says, “Outlaw Air Racing has taken all its knowledge and culture developed from racing since 2016 and applied it to designing, building, and testing a very high-performance electric powerplant for light aircraft.

With rapidly developing new opportunities to expand electric-powered aviation technology into the General Aviation community, partnering with a company like ClearSkies now makes perfect sense.”

ClearSkies CEO Dr. Lynn Creelman says, “While ClearSkies primary business continues to be the build-out of renewable power systems for airports and the future of electric aviation worldwide, the exciting world of electric aircraft racing is an opportunity to bring the concept of renewable energy for aviation directly to the general public as well.”

Already the reception to the ClearSkies electric aviation program has been well received with nearly 100 U.S. airports from coast-to-coast expressing interest in the company’s latest offerings.

With 8.2 billion people expected to take to the skies annually by 2037, carbon-free alternatives to the Boeing 747 will be necessary in order to offset the airline industry’s impact on global warming but we are nearing the age of electric airplanes.

In addition, ClearSkies has established a number of significant new partnerships with companies aligned with the emerging electric aircraft and renewable charging revolution which are expected to be announced shortly.

In the meantime, watch for the Outlaw Air Racing team at the 2022 Air Race 1 races as well as aviation events across Alberta, Canada.

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