Republicans endorse Trump-loving Mayor Jimmy Davis in Bayonne

The Hudson County Republican Party has endorsed Democrat-In-Name-Only Jimmy Davis, the incumbent mayor of Bayonne who is waging a bitter campaign against City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski and Dr. Mitchell Brown, who received a law degree from Rutgers University and a medical degree from Ross University in Dominica and has been working as both a doctor and a lawyer.

While Brown appears to be the brightest candidate he is also the most apolitical, and his campaign does not appear to have broad support in the May 10th non-partisan municipal elections.

A GOP mailing on behalf on Davis, the putative Democrat, caught the attention of Howie Klein, who commands a national audience with his progressive political blog, DownWithTyranny! 

A photo displayed on the mailing has Davis nestled between Hudson County Republican party boss Jose Arango and Bayonne GOP Chairman Vincent Cuseglio, who are “proud” to stand alongside the corrupt mayor, whose campaign has support from developers, out-of-town power brokers, and at least one contract killer.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop appointed Arango as director of his municipal Division of Economic Development, without blowback from Hudson County Democrats, so it is unclear whether Bayonne Democrats will take much offense but the progressive blogger sees it as an example of “how big Republican money is being laundered into Democratic primary campaigns against progressives by right wing Democrats.”

“Davis is so reactionary that he makes Joe Manchin look like a liberal,” said Klein. “He’s a blatantly corrupt Trump-Democrat swimming in a cesspool of racism and misogyny.”

“For eight years now, (Davis and Nadrowski) have been making terrible deals for the city of Bayonne,” said Brown. “They have made shady deals with developers that don’t seem to benefit anyone but the developers and themselves.”

When Davis failed to show up for an April 26 debate, leaving a room full of Bayonne residents, 1,000 online viewers and both of his opponents to fend for themselves, his social media feed revealed that Davis was campaigning in Jersey City instead.

“Mayor Davis thinks that the best place to have a debate is in North Bergen instead of here in Bayonne in front of the residents,” said Brown.

“If Mayor Davis isn’t here to answer the important questions from the residents of Bayonne and talk about the important issues, the choice is clear: Bayonne deserves a leader who will show up for the people and answer the difficult questions,” said Ashe Nadrowski, who says it is time to convert pen-and-paper processes in City Hall to a digital format.

The mailing hits Ashe Nadrowski for earning an endorsement from Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a labor union representing almost 1.9 million healthcare, public services, and janitorial workers. It also tried to connect the Council President to Senator Bernie Sanders, the most popular politician in America, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

A super PAC founded by former state Senator Ray Lesniak sought to help Davis win a third term by paying political operative Sean Caddle, but he pleaded guilty to a murder-for hire scheme after collecting the first $2,500 installment.

The largest donation to Lesniak’s super PAC, Government for the People, was $25,000 from Wasseem Boraie, a developer who has his sites on the former Military Ocean Terminal.

Davis was also endorsed by the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA), a group affiliated with New York-New Jersey Mafia families, according to federal investigators and the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor.

A recent New York Daily News report showed that mob-linked longshoremen are paid in excess of $400,000 a year in special labor deals as New Jersey officials seek to shut down the crimefighting Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor.

Among those who are paid for up to 27 hours of work each day, seven days a week are Ralph Gigante, Jr., the nephew of late Genovese mob boss Vinny “the Chin” Gigante; Joseph Queli Jr., the son of convicted Genovese soldier Joseph Queli Sr.; and the mafia convict’s brother, Lawrence Queli.

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