Isemann challenges rigged Republican establishment and political crazies

After his compelling introduction ad and a stinging demonstration that shows why GOP voters should not risk the closest congressional race in America on a three-time loser, the youngest candidate in New Jersey’s federal election campaign has come out with another video, making an incisive case for his candidacy.

“New Jersey has had enough of career politicians and career political opportunists,” says John Isemann, a young Republican candidate who is challenging liberal Republican three-time loser Tom Kean Jr. and Phil Rizzon, the zany GOP firebrand who courted an endorsement from some of the most offensive and demented fringe elements of America’s modern right-wing.

Isemann released a new video that deconstructs Rizzo’s argument for pursuing the nomination to represent New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District. The message is smart, succinct, and strong.

“It’s time look forward and win by building our party up, and not burning it down,” said Isemann. “If Phil Rizzo is serious in his claim that he’ll run as an independent if he loses the June 7th primary, he doesn’t deserve or even need your vote in June.”

In a tip of his hat to Democrats and independents who will ultimately decide the outcome of the contest in November, Isemann said, “I’m a conservative, just not one of the crazy ones. I’m here to win.”

“The radicals and career politicians in power have rendered our democracy completely dysfunctional,” said Isemann. “We’ve lost our voice in D.C. and confidence in our country. The repercussions of which are real and far-reaching – from our standing in the world and security in our streets, to our kid’s classrooms – even down to the way we talk to each other. We’re being displaced from the hometowns, political parties, and communities we’ve known our whole lives.”

Isemann held former state Senate Minority Leader Kean, Jr. to an embarrassing tie at the March 5, 2022, Morris County Republican Convention, which produced a panic among GOP insiders until party bosses intervened to award the most favorable ballot position to Kean almost a week later.

Kean, a member of the state’s Amistad Commission and New Jersey’s leading Republican champion of Critical Race Theory, has the support of all GOP county political machines as well as some top Democrats.

Then Isemann punctured the Kean dynasty with a video showing the former Governor’s son “has been running for federal office since 1999… and lost to the same (Democratic) opponent just last cycle.”

Nearly 200 New Jersey residents who made donations to Democrat Hillary Clinton also financially supported liberal Republican Tom Kean Jr. with contributions. Kean received a total of $117,924 from Hillary Clinton contributors in New Jersey.

Clinton and Kean are famous family dynasties that suffered unexpected and ignominious defeats despite all the political advantages that accompany having those names, including establishment support, name recognition, and a powerful fundraising capability.

Hillary Clinton was vanquished in two races for president —2008 and 2016—while Tom Kean Jr is a three-time loser in congressional contests: 2000, 2006 and 2020.

Kean’s father, former Governor Thomas H. Kean, is on the National Committee on the United States-China Relations board of directors and he created the Transportation Trust Fund, which saddled New Jersey taxpayers with a $32.6 billion debt driving gasoline tax hikes even as families struggle with the inflation plagued economy.

The entire time that he was the Republican Minority Leader in the state Senate, Kean Jr. never voted against any nominee appointed by ultra-liberal Governor Phil Murphy.

Governor Thomas H. Kean and his son, Senator Tom Kean Jr. are among the rare breed known as Rockefeller Republicans, vestiges of an East Coast liberal establishment largely replaced during the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s. Such Republicans in name only, or RINOs still hinder conservatives.

While he makes a clear case against his opponents, Isemann’s claims are fact-based, logical arguments that fall well within President Ronald Reagan’s so-called eleventh commandment: ” Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

Isemann is working to bring new ideas, new energy, and New Jersey to the national stage but his campaign is faced with the ugly reality that Kean’s corrupt influence has more significance than his incompetence and inconsiistency.

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