Olivia Encarnacion to attend Notre Dame Leadership Seminar

Mount Saint Mary Academy junior, Olivia Encarnacion, will attend the Notre Dame Leadership Seminar program for 10 days in July on the Notre Dame campus. Among thousands of applicants, Olivia was one of approximately 120 students selected to participate in the leadership program.

This competitive program is geared for academically talented students who demonstrate impressive leadership qualities within their communities. Olivia will be eligible to receive one transferrable college credit upon completion of the program. Tuition, housing, and meals for attendees are paid for by the University.

“I am glad I have the opportunity to be a part of this program and I am very eager to get a taste of college life while meeting new people from all over the country and the globe,” said Olivia, who will be able to further explore her interest in and passion for social justice.

“Notre Dame offers three different topics of focus for each student,” she explained. “I was lucky to be accepted into my top choice – Global issues, Violence, and Peace in the Modern Age. I hope to take the lessons I learn in the program and carry them into my own life as I continue to discover my career path.”

“I am confident that this program will offer me a deeper dive into my current passion and discover even more,” added Olivia, a Plainfield resident. “I know that by strengthening my academics, community service, and my spirituality, I will learn valuable lessons that will prepare me for my future. I also hope that by attending, I will gain valuable lessons that I will be able to transfer to my leadership at the Mount as head of the Students of Color Affinity Group and the Society of Women Engineers along with my other involvement at school.”

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